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Thomas Whitney, Esq., parentage unknown, was born say 1660?, and died after his will was written 20 Mar 1718 and before it was probated 11 Feb 1728.

In his will, he described himself as "Thomas Whitney of the City of Dublin, Esq., late Lieut. Collonell of the Regiment of Foot under the command of the hon[ora]ble Col[onel] Thomas Chudleigh" and mentioned the following individuals:

  • a £2,000 cash note from Sir Alexander Cairns and Hugh Henry, Esq. deposited with his relation and friend Bolyn Whitney, Esq., of Dublin. The probate refers to "Boleyn Whitney Arm[iger] frater" indicating that Boleyn was Thomas Whitney's brother.
  • son Thomas Whitney
  • Mrs. Jane Fox alias Whitney, wife of Charles Fox (relationship not stated)
  • Mrs. Mary West alias Whitney, widow (relationship not stated)
  • Mrs. Catherine Hatch alias Whitney, wife of Rev. Mr. John Hatch (relationship not stated)
  • Nicholas Hatch, son of Catherine Hatch
  • Anne Upton alias Whitney, wife of Rev. Mr. Ambrose Upton (relationship not stated)[1]

Because of the individuals listed in his will, he was somehow related to Family:Whitney, Boleyn (c1686-1758).

Children of Thomas Whitney:

i. Thomas Whitney


Note TJ: This Thomas Whitney was obviously a close relative of the Newpass family, but he was NOT a sibling of Boleyn and the sisters of Boleyn mentioned in this 1728 will. It is possible that he was a first cousin of the Newpass siblings, perhaps a son of the Anthony Whitney mentioned in the 1712 will of Col Thomas as his brother. "frater" was probably an assumption. Nowhere in the will are any of the beneficiaries or Boleyn referred to as siblings -- which would be a most unusual omission if any of them actually were.

In 1721, a certain Colonel Thomas Whitney, possibly this one, was appointed the first British Governor of Gambia.


1.^  Will of Thomas Whitney, late Lieutenant Colonel of the Regiment of Foot of County Dublin.

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