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Thomas Hearns' Locations

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Thomas Hearns Whitney is the second from left on the bottom row. His wife, Charlsie, is in the top row far right. This is a Medlock family photo, these are the half siblings and spouses of Thomas' wife, Charlsie.

Thomas Hearns Whitney (Elhannan William, Hiram C.), son of Elhannan William and Romelia Catherine (Falls) Whitney, was born 18 Oct 1892, Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL, and died 13 Jan 1986, Jonesboro, Craighead Co., AR.

He married 24 Dec 1920, Greene Co., AR, Charlsie Crumley, daughter of George W. and Louise Elizabeth (Crowe) Crumley. She was born 18 Mar 1890, Crossville, Dekalb County, AL, and died 6 Jun 1942, Dixie, Craighead County, AR.

Children of Thomas Hearns and Charlsie (Crumley) Whitney:

i. Sherman Whitney, b. 6 Jul 1923, Lester, Craighead Co., AR, d. 21 Feb 1988, Paragould, Greene Co., AR.
ii. Marion Berl Whitney, b. 15 Jan 1930, Greene Co., AR, d. 3 Jan 1977, St. Louis, MO.


159 165 Edward W. Whitney W M Feb 1838 62 M 34 AL Eng SC Farmer Romelia W F Sep 1845 54 M 34 10 9 AL NC SC Walter B. W M Oct 1881 18 S AL AL AL Dora E. W F Aug 1886 13 S AL AL AL Thomas H. W M Oct 1890 9 S AL AL AL James W. Falls W M Feb 1886 14 S AL AL AL

337 Bure Whitney Head M W 26 S AL AL AL Farmer Romelia Mother F W 74 W AL NC SC Thomas Brother M W 18 S AL AL AL Farmer

167 173 Burry Whitney Head M W 38 M AL AL AL Farmer Bertha Wife F W 24 M AR AR AR Herbert Son M W 1 S AR AL AR Margie Dau F W 1m S AR AL AR Tom Bro M W 28 S AL

341 343 Tom Whitney Head M W 36 M AL AL AL Farmer Charley Wife F W 28 M AL AL AL Sherman Son M W 6 S AR AL AL Berl Son M W 2m S AR AL AL Louise Phillips Stdau F W 10 S AR AR AR Murray Bacum Laborer M W 21 S AL AL AL Charlsie's son

138 Thomas H. Whitney Head M W 48 M Alabama R Shannon, Missouri Farming On a farm Charlsie J. Wife F W 50 M Alabama R Shannon, Missouri Sherman Son M W 16 S Arkansas R Shannon, Missouri Marion B. Son M W 10 S Arkansas R Shannon, Missouri


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