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William Whitney, parentage unknown, born sometime before 1638[1] and died sometime after 1673.[2]

He married, 1 Aug 1659, Seaton and Beer, Devon, England, Gartred Mallecke.[3]

Children of William and Gartred (Mallecke) Whitney:

i. Cherety Whitney, bp. 28 Feb 1661, Seaton and Beer, Devon, England.[4]
ii. Joan Whitney, bp. 14 May 1665, Seaton and Beer, Devon, England.[5]
iii. Henry Whitney, bp. 11 Apr 1669, Seaton and Beer, Devon, England.[6]
iv. John Whitney, bp. 25 May 1673, Seaton and Beer, Devon, England.[7] Was he perhaps the same as Family:Whitney, John (c1673-c1724)?


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