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Sir William Whitney, Baronet, parentage unknown, but perhaps a descendant of Hugh Whitney of Whitney and Clyro.

He married Anne -----.

At Gwern-fythen House, in this parish, lived Sir William Whitney, Bart., who inherited this estate, with many others in the neighbourhood, either by marrying the Welsh heiress, or derived it from his ancestor, Hugh Whitney, Esq., who married Catherine, daughter and heiress of William Fychan, Esq., of Maeslough, as before related. Several gentlemen of this family served the office of high sheriff for the county of Radnor, as Sir Robert Whitney, Bart., in the year 1562; and Sir William Whitney, Bart., in the years 1608 and 1616. The proprietor of Gwern-fythen estate had by Anne, his wife, ten sons, all of whom attained the state of manhood, and to each of whom the father left by will respectable freeholds, equally dividing according to the law of gavelkind, perhaps at the impulse of his wife, from whom in all probability this property descended, all his landed estates among them, - all of which have long since passed into other hands.

Children of William and Anne (-----) Whitney:

i. (son) Whitney.
ii. (son) Whitney.
iii. (son) Whitney.
iv. (son) Whitney.
v. (son) Whitney.
vi. (son) Whitney.
vii. (son) Whitney.
viii. (son) Whitney.
ix. (son) Whitney.
x. (son) Whitney.


Descendants probably included William Whitney (s1600-a1649) and Eustace Whitney (s1650?-?).


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