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I don't think the estate information contained on page is his. Can someone check it out and fix, or remove my comments as needed. -- Andaleen

These are the records of Isaac's guardianships after the death of his father, and, as such, belong on his page. -- Robert Ward

Isaac and vital records for Stamford, Vermont

Here are some records from Stamford, Vermont:

  • Births:
George born 1/12/1780 father:Isaac mother:unknown
Mary born 2/19/1782 father:Isaac mother:unknown
Betsy born:8/31/1788 father:Isaac mother:unknown

Isaac was also listed on the Grand List for the year 1805,along with Daniel jr., William, Jonah, John, and Daniel. Isaac was also listed for 1806 but not 1807.

There is also an Isaac Whitney marriage record of Isaac Whitney and Arilles Phetteplace on Feb. 28, 1799.

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