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How to Cite Sources

Use footnotes, not in-line citations.

  • At the point in the text where you want to put a footnote, use {{ref|Text}}, where "Text" is anything you want. This will put a footnote number in square brackets, like [1], as a superscript.
  • In the "References" section, let the corresponding footnote have the form
1.{{note|Text}} Citation of the source of the item footnoted.
  • The "ref" will be a link to the corresponding "note".
  • Be careful to list the "note"s in the exact order in which the corresponding "ref"s appear.
  • You cannot use this construct to refer to the same "note" with two different "ref"s.
  • I used the number 1 above as an example. The numbers that will appear in the text are not under your control, they will go [1], [2], [3], etc., in order of appearance in the text. The numbers in the References section are under your control, and should go 1., 2., 3., etc., correspondingly.
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