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Style Guidelines

Robert - these are just my suggestions, but we'll need to discuss. There will probably be more as we think of them.

General Site Guidelines

  • Dates: our preferred format is 12 Jan 1892.
  • Locations in Family Groups: refrain from using "at" or "in" unless absolutely necessary. Say, for example, "died 12 Jan 1892, Johnstown, PA," not "in Johnstown" or "at Johnstown."
  • Name capitalization: The preferred format is for names to be in upper/lower case, such as this: John Whitney. Please refrain from all capital surnames such as WHITNEY unless the original source has it thus.

Archive Page Guidelines

  • Spelling, upper/lower case, date formats, etc. should be in the format of the original source.

Family Group Record Guidelines

See Family Group Record Format for style guidelines for Family Group Record pages.

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