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Every person who signs up on the Whitney Research Group website has a User Page which is created when they first log in. This is the place where you are encouraged to tell others about who you are.

To access your user page once you are logged in, just click on your username in the upper right-hand corner of any page, next to the little head-and-shoulders symbol. Alternatively, you can type "User:" followed by your username in the search box on the left side of the page, and click on "Go". Once there, you can edit it by clicking on the "edit this page" tab at the top.

A good start is to add a little information about yourself, possibly including contact information (email, instant messaging, etc), a photograph, your real name, your location, information about your areas of expertise and interest, likes and dislikes, homepages, and so forth. Obviously, this will depend on how comfortable you are with respect to privacy.

You can also use your user page to help you use this website more effectively: so you can use it to list "to do" information, work in progress, reminders, useful links, and so forth.

Another use is to let people know about your activities on the website. So you might include current plans or a journal of recent activities. If you won't be involved in the Whitney Research Group for a while, drop a note on your user page to that effect.

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