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Mailing List Archives > 1996-06-08 01, "Unconnected" Whitneys, by Jeanne Muse

Date: 08 Jun 96 15:55:45 EDT From: Jeanne Muse <102256.2027@CompuServe.COM> To: Mert Alexander <102074.167@CompuServe.COM>, "Janet L. Bailey" <75104.3110@CompuServe.COM>, Hugh David Barrett <72037.105@CompuServe.COM>, Caradwen von Braskat <71604.1000@CompuServe.COM>, Timothy Cook <71172.2700@CompuServe.COM>, Christopher Edy <74554.1326@CompuServe.COM>, Richard Dean Jackson <103303.503@CompuServe.COM>, Sandy Jones <76422.352@CompuServe.COM>, MIKE LEWIS/NE <72446.3255@CompuServe.COM>, Lynne McLean <73007.1546@CompuServe.COM>, Alyce Jane Morow <72613.1365@CompuServe.COM>, Betsy Morris <103217.2177@CompuServe.COM>, Mike Peacock <74134.3550@CompuServe.COM>, Kelly Pease <103657.3042@CompuServe.COM>, "Cherijoy L. Searle" <102631.2170@CompuServe.COM>, Glenn Selch <75713.2566@CompuServe.COM>, Bert Smith <102513.3332@CompuServe.COM>, "Debbie J. Stelmach" <102762.3454@CompuServe.COM>, "Paul W. Truax" <76221.3176@CompuServe.COM>, "Vickie (Elam) White" <102657.1616@CompuServe.COM>, Robert Whitney <103713.2350@CompuServe.COM>, "Fred R. Whitten" <72420.2616@CompuServe.COM>, "M.L. Adair" <>, Philip John Ainsworth <>, Ross Andrews <>, "Margaret (Whitney) Carey" <>, "Walter H. Hall" <>, Mary Ann Lindsay <>, "Brena (Nixon) Parsons" <>, Gilbert Payson <>, Herb Phelps <>, "J. Michael Poston" <>, STOVEL <>, "J. A. Stafford" <>, Beth Stakes <>, Kim Walters <KWALTERS@PASCAL.MATH.MSSTATE.EDU>, Lisa Whitney <>, "Alan C. Wright" <> Subject: "Unconnected" Whitneys TO: Jon Aston, Babseeb, Ted Bates, Donald Whitney Becker, Rita (Whitney) Bernier, Louise Bradshaw, Evelyn (Thorsen) Brown, INTERNET:EBROWN231@AOL.COM R. Brown, CGPesch, INTERNET:CGPESCH@AOL.COM Ginny Deagan, INTERNET:GDEAGAN@AOL.COM Bill Duprey, D. J. Goulette, Allan Green, INTERNET:ALLAGREEN@AOL.COM Karen B. Grubaugh, Jerry Harrison, Joan Hicks, Clark Harold Jillson, INTERNET:CHILKOOT98@AOL.COM Mary Ellen Jones, KTROUVAT, INTERNET:KTROUVAT@AOL.COM Ken Klutz, Marion L, INTERNET:MARIONL@AOL.COM Amy Levy, Mary Jean Manroe, Carole McIntosh, INTERNET:MAC13120@AOL.COM K. Nugier, Donna Patt, PoGoes, INTERNET:POGOES@AOL.COM RSFAHRN, Julie Scheuerman, INTERNET:JASCHEU@AOL.COM Mary Ellen Sharp, INTERNET:FROTILLA@AOL.COM Francis D. Southwick, Eleanor Stratton, Carolyn Vosburg, INTERNET:LYNVOS@AOL.COM J.C. Whitney, INTERNET:WHITNEYJC@AOL.COM H. Ray Whitney, INTERNET:RAYWHIT79@AOL.COM A.James Whitney, INTERNET:AJAMESWHIT@AOL.COM Michael Ray Whitney, INTERNET:WHITNEYMR@AOL.COM Re: "Unconnected" Whitneys Question for all members: Would anybody be interested in a gedcom file containing all of the "unconnected" Whitneys that people are researching? I have toyed with the idea of using all the "poll" sheets and putting everybody's main Whitney interests in it -- connected or not -- for quick reference. My notes sections could contain the person who is looking for them with their e-mail address for further follow-up, as well as any comments the person made to us about their ancestor when they responded to the poll. Any interest everybody? :-) Jeanne (Whitney) Muse 6/8/96

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