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From: <Jroots -at-> Subject: Whitney ancestors and descendants Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 09:16:21 -0400 Hi everyone. I am looking, in particular for descendants of the following (if Whitney parents are unknown to me, the individual is marked with an asterisk): *CHARLES KELLOG WHITNEY, b. 1828 of Westford, Mass. and CHASTINA HODGE; *JAMES B. WHITNEY, b. 4/9/1845 Marlboro, Mass. and ANN WILKINS; * SARAH E. WHITNEY and FREDERICK M. PIERCE, m. 3/4/1879; *MARY WHITING WHITNEY of Harvard, Mass., and WILLIAM STEARNS LOCKE, m. 11/19/1846; *SILAS WHITNEY and SARAH WITHINGTON; *HANNAH WHITNEY and JONAS BILLINGS, m. 5/30/1810; *ELI WHITNEY and SALLY LOCKE, m. 3/6/1808; *EMERY WHITNEY and LYDIA LOCKE, m. 5/29/1817; *STEPHEN WHITNEY b. of Harvard, Mass, d. of Lynn, Mass and PERSIS LOCKE; POLLY WHITNEY b. 3/2/1783 Shutesbury, Mass. and BENJAMIN MARSH; *MOSES WHITNEY b. 1/26/1767, d. 1/19/1834 Hoosack, NY and BERNICE LOCKE, m. 5/4/1789; *GUILFORD WHITNEY, b. 1/2/1769, d. 1/29/1831 Strongsville, Ohio and ANNA LOCKE, m. 2/6/1793; *GRATIA FRANCES WHITNEY of Fitchburg, Mass. and EDWARD CUTTER LOCKE, b. 12/31/1848; *ESTHER MARIA WHITNEY, b. abt 1820, of Millbury, Mass, d. 1/14/1875 and EMERSON EDDY, m. 10/23/1844; *HANNAH WHITNEY of Royalston, Mass. and JOEL PIERCE, m. 11/11/1833; *DEBORAH WHITMAN WHITNEY, b. 1807 of Bridgewater, Mass., d. 9/14/1875 of Lancaster, Mass, and JOEL WILDER, m. 5/4/1828; *LYDIA WHITNEY and JAMES LOCKE, m. 5/18/1813; *MOSES WHITNEY of Stow, Mass. and OLIVE J. BRUCE; *GEORGE ALEXANDER WHITNEY, b. 2/12/1824 of Wilmot, NH and ANN ELIZA JONES, m. 9/1/1852. I would gladly share any information. Thanks for any leads to descendants of these WHITNEYs. Regards, Jerry Harrison jroots -at-

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