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Mailing List Archives > 1996-10-19 01, Jon's message to Allan & Jerry, by Allan E. Green

From: <ALLAGREEN -at-> Subject: Jon's message to Allan & Jerry Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1996 01:37:09 -0400 Hi Jon (and Jerry & Mike Poston): Thanks for all the data on the lines that Jerry has brought to our attention - I'm interested in the descendants as well. Would I be correct in assuming that you will be including them in <Witney11.GED>, along with all the supporting information about dates and places?? If so, I won't take the time to put in just the names and have to go through that much more Match/Merge later. I wrote tonight to Michael (WhitneyMR), asking about how we are going to transfer files, GEDCOMs, text attachments, etc., as Karen's effort tonight obviously didn't work. Many lists do not allow for attachments, and I don't know how we will be handling it. Maybe you, Joan, Jeanne and I will have to keep an up-to-date list after all, so as to be able to send GEDCOMs, etc., to all. Then each can choose to accept or delete them, depending on which set of files they want to work with. Mike, are you on <northeast-roots>? I wrote to the Cumberland County, ME co-ordinator for the GenWeb project, asking about how to get to information in the Vital Records of North Yarmouth, looking for Jabez Whitney. I got back a note suggesting that I try NE-Roots. I also E-mailed several people on the Franklin Co. GenWeb Query page that had postings about the Wheeler family, asking if they had any further information about Abigail's husband, and realized later that I had reinvented the circular question by asking you for information in order to answer your question. I did discover that her father was John Wheeler, a famous sailor with John Paul Jones. Just curious about the above. Are either or both of Jerry and Jon using AOL 3.0? If so, did the <northeast-roots> above come out red on a cream background?? I just started to try to use this version, and had never *colored* anything in a message before. I guess it only works within AOL. One thing I don't like (yet) is the fact that when I click on the file cabinet above, I don't get the choice of dumping a message into my family subdirectories of my word processor program. In order to do that, I have to learn to use the *Save As...* under *File*. Jon - will Witney11.GED be forthcoming in the near future? During the late summer and early fall, while I was so busy with school stuff, I got way behind in entering all the information that kept showing up in all the Whitney traffic. If you have it all coming soon in your usual excellent manner, I'll not bother trying to hunt back through all the messages (which I did print, at least) to try and get caught up. Happy Hunting, Keep in Touch, TTYL, and all the rest of that stuff. Allan

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