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From: <ALLAGREEN -at-> Subject: Maine Resources Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1996 21:21:09 -0400 Hello again Whitneys: I received the following wonderful message tonight from some very helpful people who were responding to a posting I made on Northeast-Roots about where to find the records of North Yarmouth, ME. I guess from the note at the top that this group has begun to gain a bit of a good reputation, for which I am very grateful to all. For those of you with Maine connections, you may well find that you can get (or in some cases, even purchase) from them some help with your Whitney connections in that State. Their message follows (I did a little reformatting for the sake of condensation, their message to me was much neater and had a lot more *white space*): Allan * * * * * * * * Subj: Re: North Yarmouth, ME Vital Records Date: 96-10-19 19:44:26 EDT From: wb1dpi -at- (George A Thompson) To: ALLAGREEN -at- Allan, Forgive me I didn't realize you were connected with the Whitney Researchers Association! Good news for Whitney Researchers, (I Hope) :-) Jan and I have about 200 - 250 FGS for the name Whitney as it is found in Franklin County, Maine. We collected this material while researching our book; "A Genealogical History of Freeman, Maine 1796 - 1938", pub. in March of this year by Heritage Books, Bowie, MD 1553 pages. Will do look-ups but can't send the whole thing as it isn't in the computer yet. Here is the Material we have available: CEMETERY - LIST AVON, Me Day Mountain Cem.; Knott Cem., State Rt. 4; Mile Square Cem.; Mt. Blue Cem.; Pease Cem.; Sprague Cem. BYRON, Me. Phelps Cem. CARTHAGE, Me. Carthage Cem. # 1; Carthage Cem. # 2 CHELSEA, Me. Marston Cem. DALLAS PLT., Me. Bubier Cem.; Bubier/Green/Stuart Cem.; Oakes - Peary Cem. EUSTIS, Me. Flagstaff Old & Stratton New Cem.; Stratton Upper Cem.; Stratton Lower Cem. FARMINGTON, Me. Bragg Cem.; Butterfield Cem.; Gay Cem.; Holly Cem.; Mosher Hill Cem. FREEMAN, Me. Allen Cem.; Baker Hill Cem.; Brackley Cem.; Brackley Family Cem. Burbank - Nile Cem.; Dyar Cem.; Freeman Ridge Cem.; Huff Cem.; Kilkenney Cem.; North Freeman Cem.; Starbird Corner Cem.; True Cem.; Tuttle Corner Cem.; West Freeman Cem.; Weymouth Cem. INDUSTRY, Me. Folsom Cem.; Ick Norton Cem.; Johnson Cem. # 1; Johnson Cem. # 2 Joseph Smith Cem.; Mantor Cem.; Norton-Luce Cem.; Norton Mt. Cem.; Shaw Cem.; Wescott Cem. JAY, Me. Richardson Cem.; Thompson Fruit Land Cem. KINGFIELD, Me. Sunnyside Cem.; Riverside Cem.; West Kingfield Cem. LEXINGTON, Me. Boynton Cem.; Lexington Flat Cem. LITCHFIELD, Me. Pease Cem.; Purgatory Village Cem. LIVERMORE, Me. Hathaway Cem.; Twin Bridges Cem. MADRID, Me. Village Cem.; Dunham Cem.; East Madrd Cem.; Reed's Mills Cem. MANCHESTER, Me. Benson Cem. MOUNT VERNON, Me. Stain Cem. NEW PORTLAND, Me. Carsley Cem.; Chick Rd. Cem.; Collins Cem.; E. New Port. Cem.; Greenleaf Cem.; Hill-Butler Cem.; Lovejoy Cem.; N. New Port. Cem.; Peabody Cem.; Sillanpaa Cem.; Strickland Hill Cem.; Walker Cem.; W. New Port. Cem. NEW SHARON, Me. Brainerd Cem. NEW VINEYARD, Me. Anson Valley Rd. Cem.; Daggett Cem.; Hannibal Hunter Cem.; Herrick Cem.; Lambert Cem.; New Vin. Notch Cem.; Mc Lain Cem.; Orcutt Cem.; Rand Rd. Cem.; Sweet Cem.; Sweet's Hill Cem. PHILLIPS, Me. Blodgett Cem.; Byron Cem.; Sand Hill Cem.; Evergreen Cem.; Field Cem.; Lufkin/Morrison Cem.; Mt. Blue Rd. Cem.; Park St. Cem.; Pinkham Hill Cem.; Riverside Cem.; Tory Hill Cem.; Weld Rd. Cem. RANGELEY, Me. Brooks Cem. (near Small's Falls); Evergreen Cem.; Nile Cem.; Quimby Cem.; Wilber Cem. SALEM, Me. Mount Abram Cem. SPRINGFIELD, Me. Cushman Ridge Rd. Cem. STARKS, Me. Tupper Cem. STRONG, Me. Conant Cem.; Cunningham-Cates Cem.; Hunter Cem.; Llewellyn Brooke White Memorial; Pierpole Cem.; Stevens Cem.; Taylor Hill Cem.; Toothaker Hill Cem.; Town Line Cem.; Village Cem. TEMPLE, Me. Mitchell Cem.; Orchard Hill Cem. (Isalo Rd.); Potato Hill Cem.; Russell Cem.; Temple Flat Cem.; Village Cem. WELD, Me. Sinnett Cem. WEST GARDINER, Me. Clough Cem.; Friends Cem.; Friends Cem. (West Rd.) WILTON, Me. Lakeview Cem. BOOKS - ETC. 115 large loose leaf note books of FGS mostly for Franklin County, Maine. A Genealogical History of Freeman, Maine 1796 - 1938, by George A. and F. Janet Thompson, pub. 1996 by Heritage Books, Bowie Md. 3 Vol. 1353 pages. Database of 23 - 24,000 Thompson FGS FORD family History, by American Genealogical Research Institute The Story of the Town of FREEDOM, Wisconsin and the Village of NORTH FREEDOM, pub. 1948 Genealogy of The BURBANK Family and the families of BRAY, WELLCOME, SEDGLEY (SEDGELEY) and WELCH, by George Burbank SEDGLEY; pub. 1928 Turner's FRANKLIN County Directory of 1899 (Reprtd b/t Farmington B.P.W. The New Portlands in Maine by FOSS Ancestors and Descendents of Thomas MILLETT and his wife Mary GREENOWAY, by George Francis MILLETT, pub. 1959 A Brief History of WINTHROP from 1764 to October 1855, by David Thurston, pub. 1855 (Winthrop, Kennebec, Maine) The COLLINGS, RICHEYS and The PIGEON ROOST MASSACRE pub. 1980 SEARCH A Handbook for adoptees and Birthparents, by Jayne ASKIN with Bob OSKAM, pub. 1982 KASTE A Genelogical Work Book, compiled by George A. Thompson, unpub. Roots of a Maine THOMPSON family with merging MITCHELLS, JORDAN AND DEMPSEY, by John Francis THOMPSON, pub.1985 Historic HALLOWELL, compiled by Katherine H. SNELL and Vincent P. LEDEW, pub. 1962 (Hallowell, Kennebec, Maine) Tales of the RANGELEY LAKES, by LeRoy Nile (Rengeley, Franklin, Maine) The Pine, The Plow and The Pioneer A History of Three Lakes, Clearwater Lake, Gagen, Hiles and Monico Wisconsin 1881 - 1986 Vol. II STRONG, Maine An Historical account of a Sandy River Settlement. Formerly READSTOWN Originally MIDDLETOWN compiled by Lewis Brackley and Charles Lisherness., pub. 1992 MANCHESTER, Maine 1775 - 1975, pub. 1975 Old Home Day SALEM, Maine 1904 Vital Records from the following Towns, etc.: Avon, Me. Berlin, Me. Bethel, Me. Embden, Me. Falmouth, Me. Farmington, Me. Greene, Me. Kingfield, Me. Leeds, Me. North Anson, Me. Phillips, Me. Rumford, Me. Strong, Me. Temple, Me. Turner, Me. Wayne, Me. Winthrop, Me. Dover, NH Exeter, NH George & Jan Thompson wb1dpi -at- HC-1 Box 301, Benson, AZ 85602 (520) 212-5203 Co-Hosts of the Franklin County, Maine WEB Page <a href=""></a> "FRANKLIN County, Maine is Our Beat" & "A Collector of THOMPSONs" (22,000 and Growing)

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