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From: "Vickie (Elam) White" <102657.1616 -at- CompuServe.COM> Subject: Re: Mail digest Date: 22 Oct 96 16:58:35 EDT Allan Green wrote-- << One nice lady had acquired a reprinted copy of a very old book on early Mass. marriages, and was generously posting two to three pages worth of the material each day as a gift to all. Another very nice lady with some professional qualifications very kindly and gently asked her whether or not she had considered the possibility that she was inadvertently violating someone's copyright in so doing. The originator of the listings understood the question and was not at all upset that it was raised. HOWEVER, umpteen dozen others sprang to her defense, castigating the questioner, supporting her right to post anything, expressing multiple uninformed opinions about the specifics of copyright law (usually with a disclaimer that "I am not a lawyer, but I think..."), and generally clogging up the list for days with this traffic. The thicker the traffic got, the more people HAD to express their dismay that the list was being clogged up with this "non-genealogical" discussion, thereby further clogging up the list, and so on, and so on, and so on....>> Um, er, ya see... I AM the "other very nice lady" who seems to have started all the flame wars over on NE Roots. Quite unintentionally of course. But flame wars like that do break out on lists, believe me. I belong to a half-dozen or so lists. The people who object to posting of non-genealogical topics are noisy and sometimes intimidating to the faint of heart, but the real scary ones are those who say "get me the data at all costs." That is basically a direct quote for someone a few days ago. Anyway, NE Roots is definitely worthwhile as long as you remember to wear your asbestos underoos. <G> And Allan, thanks for calling me nice. Same backatcha!  ;-) Vickie (Elam) White 102657.1616 -at-

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