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From: Ronald Whitney <ronwhitney -at-> Subject: Whitney Search Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 22:05:02 +0000 I was recently in contact with a Whitney in England who is looking for information on the family of Jane Frances WHITNEY, the daughter of Nat. Whitney (d. before 1887), shoepacker, of the Delamere/Willington area of Cheshire. Jane Francis was 42 and a spinster living in Willington when she married a widower, William RATHBONE, butler (1852-1932) at Chester St. Oswald on 23 November 1887. She and William were living at Percy Road, Chester, when she died at 78 in 1923. I know it is a long shot, but if this ties in with information any of you have I will be more than happy to relay it to them. My e-mail address is ronwhitney -at- It sounds like the 'unsubscribe' letters are trying to send us a message that we should use the list for genealogy information that we want to send to everyone, and not for information that only one person would be interested in. Being a particularly nosy person, I know I hate to see a reply to a private message on the listmail and not be able to read the message that is being replied to. Personally, I found Whitney relatives making friends and setting up meetings on the list to be kinda fun and interesting (I sure know a lot more about them than I did before), but I can see the point of the people who are just interested in using the list for genealogical purposes. It is nice to know that people live in Colorado, Honolulu, or wherever. Keep up the good work. Ron and Roxie Whitney 1460 County Road 92 Maple Plain, Minnesota 55359 Phone: 612.472.4021

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