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From: <Frotilla -at-> Subject: Re: Whitney, Wyne book Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 01:03:39 -0400 Dear Michael and Others, Some Ohio Whitneys likely descend from Guilford Whitney (1769-1843) who moved with his family from Marlboro, VT, to Strongsville, Ohio, in 1816, and from Samuel Whitney (1772-?) who with his family joined the Mormons and went from Marlboro, VT, to Kirkland, Ohio, where Samuel and his wife are buried. This information is supplied by Pierce, pp. 256-257, along with names of their children, some spouses, and even some of their children's children. (Guilford's identification number in Pierce is 1844 and Samuel's is 1846. They were sons of Samuel Whitney and Phebe Harrington, who moved from Massachusetts to Marlboro, VT. Their line is as follows: Guilford/Samuel<Samuel<Samuel<Nathaniel< Nathaniel<John<John & Eleanor.) Mary Ellen Sharp

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