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From: "Lynda J. McLaughlin" <buttons -at-> Subject: Re: WHITNEY in MA - 1600s Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 06:49:11 -0500 Hello Allan, Thank you for your response. I am totally unaware of what is available out there for me as a new subscriber. Also, I am not computer/geneology literate. Please bear with I need any special accessoriesto accept a GEDCOM? and how to I access the use of one? Also, how do I gain theuse of the already distributed collective databases. All I have been able to do is receive mail and sort out that which pertains to the data I already, and delete the rest. I am aware that there is at least one tree that has been taken very far back but without the documenation or valid reference, and have been warned to beware of unproven branches. Thank you so much for your help, and please feel free to advise me. Lynda McLaughlin buttons -at- At 02:04 AM 10/27/96 -0500, you wrote: >Dear Lynda and other relatively recent arrivals: > >Perhaps the most effective thing that you could do when beginning with the >Whitney Researchers Association (Unofficial) would be to see what has been >exchanged among us over the past year. Many of us have shared GEDCOMs >through the generosity of Jon Aston, one of our early members, who became the >"keeper of the John and Elinor database". The last general distribution of >the collective database was *Witney10*, which came out around last July. I >think he is still working on #11, and hope it might be forthcoming soon. > Perhaps, on the other hand, he might like to let a few more of the recent >arrivals share their descendancy with all the rest of us, as long as their >connections go back to John and Elinor. I can and gladly will send you the >Witney10 gedcom file, > >Further, there is also a (much smaller) database that stems from the Henry >Whitney who originated (supposedly) in Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, and who >came to CT in the 1640's. This one is maintained by Joan Hicks. We believe, >but cannot yet prove, that this branch can eventually tie in with the >Whitney's of Hereford, perhaps through the Cheshire sub-branch, but that is a >matter for future work. > >Beyond that, another of our industrious and most valuable members, Jeanne >Muse, has been collecting a file on all the *unconnected* Whitneys in the >group, in the hopes that, as both this database and the two others grow, more >and more connections can be made, within the *unconnected* group(s), and out >of it to one or the other of the main databases stemming from a known >immigrant. > >I have taken on the responsibility of being the keeper of the >*pre-immigration English Whitneys* database, which at the moment does not >take Henry back at all, since we cannot find any clear evidence of his >lineage. That which was once originally published has been quite thoroughly >debunked as fraudulent, and I spent an inordinate amount of my research time >in England last summer trying (unsuccessfully) to link him in with other >known portions or branches of the family. There are also some recently >re-raised questions and problems with the ancestry of John Whitney's father, >Thomas Whitney of Westminster, which lead me to be somewhat loath to publish >the current ancestry back beyond that point (although I have and will >continue to share what we have upon request, with the disclaimer that the one >link is in question). > >I hope that this hasn't seemed *preachey*, as that is not my intent. I >simply seemed to detect an unawareness of the resources already collected in >some of the recent posts, and thought I should offer the information. > >Happy Hunting :-) Allan E. Green <allagreen -at-> > >

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