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From: Ronald Whitney <ronwhitney -at-> Subject: Alpheus Whitney Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 17:18:45 +0000 Hello All! I have recently been in contact with a Whitney who is internet deficient (no local server). She is looking for information on a line of Whitney ancestors as follows: Alpheus Whitney b. abt 1793 in Vermont Artemus Whitney b. 9Aug1815 Worcester Co., Mass. m. Lucy Jane Pease Daniel Alpheus Whitney b. 13 Jul 1849 in Maynard, Mass. m. Minnie E. Henry Thelma Maurine Whitney b.9 Oct 1906 in Shelbina, Mo m. Thomas M. Adams If this rings anyones bell, let me know what you have and I will snail mail her, and put you in touch with her if she is your cousin. Happy hunting. Ron and Roxie Whitney E-mail: ronwhitney -at- Homepage: <a href=""></a>

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