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From: Dawn Scotting <pandora -at-> Subject: George Edward Whitney Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 10:53:21 +1300 (NZDT) Hi Folks, I'm a newbie on the block and am thoroughly enjoying reading this list. I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me with the Whitney in my family, this is the story:- My father's mother, Olive Wilson Linklater, married George Edward Whitney while she was pregnant with her fourth child, three previous children including my father, Ronald Whitney (not the one I've seen post to this group :>) were illegitimate. The fourth child has George as his father on his birth certificate although I'm not sure if he actually was. George was a seaman from Cohoes, New York and was 40 in April 1917 when he married Olive. His father was George Henry Whitney, contractor, and his mother Jean Gillies. In October 1917 he was 41 so his birthday must be sometime between April and October (great detective Dawn!). AFter that I don't know what happened to George, I remember my mother telling me he went back to America (I'm in New Zealand) without Olive but I don't know if they were ever divorced. My father and his brothers never did like to talk about their family background, in those days being illegitimate was a no-no I guess. The only one still alive is George's (alleged) son, Gordon but he is very ill and as I haven't seem him for years I don't like to just call and say 'can I pick your brains before you die'! However, I am going to write to him, he can only ignore me at the worst! In the meantime I would really like to know what happened to George, if he was married again, if maybe he had anymore children, or anything about his family, even though we aren't really related by blood we are by name as Olive had all her children's names changed to Whitney by deedpoll. Does anyone out there know this family at all? I know I know, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack!! Dawn Scotting nee Whitney Researching: PARKS, ssx,eng>nzl; LINKLATER, sct>nzl; COTTRELL, chs,eng>nzl; WILLISCROFT, sts,eng>nzl; WILSON, chs,eng>nzl; SKINNER, ssx,eng>nzl ______________________________ /\ _ \ \_| Kia Ora ... Dawn (_)o | | pandora -at- /\ \ | | _________________________|__ \_/___________________________/

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