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From: <Baryonyx -at-> Subject: Re: Richard's Family Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 22:20:56 -0500 In a message dated 96-11-16 16:07:41 EST, you write: << Richard, Sen.,and Moses wee among the proprietors of Stowe about 1681. Richard Sen, (father OR son) died at Stowe 1723, the descendants numerous there.(Footnote: the will of Richard, of Stowe was proved Dec 23, 1723. >> I think you may be referring to Stow, Mass (without an "e"). I lived there for 5 years and found it rich with Whitney History. It was founded in part by some Whitneys, and there are two old Whitney homes still standing. One has been turned into a retirement home, the other, on Whitney Rd., is still a residence, and from what I saw, is still in very good condition. On another note, Stowe, VT was founded by people from Stow, MA. The "e" was added to give the names some distinction.

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