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From: "Vickie (Elam) White" <102657.1616 -at- CompuServe.COM> Subject: Re: Ruth WHITNEY & John SHATTUCK Date: 18 Nov 96 13:37:21 EST MVB wrote -- <<Help!!! Just discovered I have 2 Ruth Whitney's on my tree married to John Shattuck!! 1. Ruth Whitney b April 16, 1645 Watertown, Ma. m. June 20 1664 parents John Whitney Jr. and Ruth Reynolds 2. Ruth Whitney b. April 15, 1645 Watertown, Ma. parents Elinor Arnold and John Whitney I am sure this is an error but which is correct? Boy can you get into a mess when you make a mistake!>> This is my husband's line, too. My records show that John WHITNEY and Elinor ____ (there is still no proof that her surname was ARNOLD, only some educated guesswork at this point I believe) did not have a daughter named Ruth. So your entry #2 is wrong. Entry #1 is correct, although we differ by one day on Ruth's birthday. John WHITNEY Jr. who married Ruth REYNOLDS ca 1642 did have a daughter named Ruth WHITNEY born 15 Apr 1645 in Watertown MA. She married first John SHATTUCK on 20 Jun 1664 in Watertown MA. John died in Watertown MA on 14 Sep 1675 and Ruth married secondly on 6 Mar 1676/7 Enoch LAWRENCE. Ruth was alive in Groton MA 1686, but her deathdate is unknown. My husband is descended from John SHATTUCK and Ruth WHITNEY through their daughter Ruth, who married Jonathan FARNSWORTH. Which SHATTUCK line is yours? Vickie (Elam) White 102657.1616 -at-

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