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From: <ALLAGREEN -at-> Subject: Re: Puzzler responses and more questions Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 17:32:01 -0500 Dear Jan: What a marvellous response!! If you want to send me the Stow Whitney VR's by snail mail, I'll get them organized and copied for posting to the entire group. Send them to: Dr. Allan E. Green HC 81, Box 670 Barbourville, KY 40906 In the meantime I'll include the material you did send in your posting. I'm really encouraged about our collective ability to really develop some solid work on this branch of the family that is supported by good sourcing and evidence. We all have some good work on slightly different parts, and by pooling our resources and making them available to all, we will make a lot of headway - especially (for me) on some of those branches that I have never followed before. I would also be most appreciative if you could include a copy of the Stow Historical Society Paper on the matter of *Stow Leg*, of which I have never heard before. My wife's family was notorious for picking places to live that were right on the dividing lines between political units and changing County's without ever moving an inch. One even had a county line running right through the middle of the farm. This may go a long way to help me figure out why a family that went from Watertown to Stow, i.e., northwestwards, would then go south to Sudbury and then back northwestwards to Harvard. I hope your trip was both fun and productive. Oh how I envy you who live right up there among the family's history and amongst their records. (On the other hand, I don't envy you the icy blasts of winter and the price of fuel oil in New England - I about died when I had to pay $1.46 for a gallon of gas in Long Island last summer, and got charged $130 for a new battery installed to replace the one that died while I was away in Europe. Gas here is $1.09/gallon, and I can heat and cool with a heat pump) Thanks again for the offer of help. Happy Hunting! Allan

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