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From: Ronald Whitney <ronwhitney -at-> Subject: Keeping in touch Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 05:50:08 +0000 Hello Group! Thought maybe it was time for a word from a Miscwhit. Dawn, thanks for the disclaimer, but judging from your sense of humor I wouldn't have any problem claiming you as a relative. Hope you are having a nice Spring down there. Oh how I envy all of you John and Elinor folks. It is fascinating to follow the dialogue about John's ancestry and whether Elinor is an Arnold, etc. And the recent involvement of the folks in the UK is great. I checked out a couple of other listservers--boring. All they seem to have is one letter after another from people seeking help, but no one responds. Very frustrating. I posted some pretty detailed information on one, but the only response I got was a kindly suggestion about how to search. My own research has, alas, hit a wall in 1840 in Cheshire, England. Guess I will have to concentrate on filling in the blanks from then to the present. If anyone has any experience in obtaining a birth certificate from England, I would appreciate some advice on the process. That's enough of your time wasted. Keep those interesting dialogues and stories coming. Ron and Roxie Whitney E-mail: ronwhitney -at- Homepage: <a href=""></a>

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