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Mailing List Archives > 1996-11-20 03, Re: Whitney's of Virginia??, by Michael R. Whitney

From: <WhitneyMR -at-> Subject: Re: Whitney's of Virginia?? Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 15:42:58 -0500 Hi Guys, Brenda nice to hear from you, now there's 4 "southern" Whitney's. I'd be very interested in what you know of your family in VA. If you are out of the Samuel Whitney line I'm afraid you're not going to connect with Eli Whitney. At the same time if you do have a connection to Eli that means someone from New England drifted down south and we have both family lines in VA. Just a quick request to the group. If your going out of town send the message SET WHITNEY NOMAIL to Maiser -at- Then when you get back send SET WHITNEY MAIL The reason for my request is I'm getting quite a few "full mailbox" errors. If this is the only list your on don't worry you won't get that much mail. But me for example getting as much as 150 e-mails a day would throw a full mailbox error in 3 days on AOL. But I do understand that from now untill the end of the year people are going to be busy and traveling so I'm going to ignore the error messages and not remove anyone. That's all for "please help your listowner". Bye, Michael Whitney

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