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Mailing List Archives > 1996-11-22 01, Re: Your great VR work!, by Allan E. Green

From: <ALLAGREEN -at-> Subject: Re: Your great VR work! Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 00:15:08 -0500 Peg: This is MARVELLOUS! Exactly what we need happening. I knew I had gotten that March 19, 1650 date for Richard's marriage from an accepted source (I didn't THINK I dreamed it up) - and I'll bet a drumstick from my Thanksgiving Turkey that I was right about the Watertown records saying (in the original) that it was 19th day, 1st month, 1650. I also very much appreciate the Sudbury VR's for the Whitney entrys. I'll be looking to integrate these with my data files. (Wouldn't it have been nice for all us 20th Century genealogists if, in the marriages, these people had been identified as to parentage - i.e., John of Natick, son of A & B, m. Sylvia Sidney, daughter of C & D) As it is, we are stuck trying to figure out which individual is the son or daughter of which family, leaving our choices as guesses until we can find another way to prove them, like daughters being named with their husband's surname in their father's will, or grandchildren that identify a father with a particular son. Don't think, however, that I am looking a gift horse in the mouth (as is said). I'll happily try to figure these out and be glad I've got the VR's to work with. Apropos that, is your handwriting good enough that I could take on some of the typing and sending out? I would like to help, somehow, if I could, because I am anxious to promote this kind of effort on the behalf of the group. Also, could I make a contribution to the "dimes for the copy machine" fund? Thank you again, so much, on behalf of us all. Allan

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