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From: <ALLAGREEN -at-> Subject: What VR's do I have: Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 01:04:22 -0500 Hi again WRG: Just a quick note, primarily to Peg and Jan about our current effort to collect as many Whitney VR's as possible from the towns to which our family spread. I was asked what towns I HAD the VR's for, to avoid duplication. The answer, I'm sorry to say, is those that you and LynVos have sent me. At the moment that includes about: 2 pages of Templeton Births, Deaths, & Marriages 14-1/2 pages of Harvard Births, Deaths, & Marriages 1 page of Sudbury Births, Deaths, & Marriages a few Stow VR's for Moses Whitney's children 1 page of Leicester Births (1), Deaths (1) & Marriages (11) 1 page of Chelmsford Births (19), Deaths (10) & Marriages (7) Guess a larger group settled in Harvard, although it is becoming apparent that quite a good number of them were actually originally in Stow, and then a new line was created that put a lot of them in Harvard. Jan is, I believe, supplying some further information about STOW LEG, SHABIKIN & HELL POND, where a lot of Whitneys gathered. I know that Carolyn (who sort of started all this by sending me all the Templeton and Harvard stuff, Peg, Jan and I would welcome further volunteers to collect out all the Whitney entries in the VR's of many other towns, so that we could end up with a Whitney Vital Records *book* that is as complete as possible. This would enable us to fill out the expanding matrix of the first four to six generations of John and Elinor's descendants, before there was too much outmigration from Massachusetts. (I know, my CT branch left, and a lot more went up to that part of the state (Yes, I do know it is a Commonwealth, but that's too long to type every time) that eventually became Maine. Peg, apropos your remark about developing your typing speed, I've heard that the Mavis Beacon programs are about the best at letting the computer help teach you speed typing. Now, before the pile of oncoming snail mail buries me, I am going to try to find the places in my PAF files to put a lot of the data from the VR's that I now do have, courtesy of these fine people. And now, since it's already 1 AM and I have to be up at 7, I'll put on my night cap (and maybe have one, too) - see below - and toddle off to bed. Happy Hunting to All <(:-) Allan

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