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From: Peg Sanborn <circeium -at-> Subject: Whitney VR's for Westford, MA Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 09:54:25 -0500 (EST) WESTFORD MA VITAL RECORDS-1850 BIRTHS-pg116 WHITNEY Albert, s. David and Catherine, Oct 28,1839. Charles, s. David and Catherine at Southborough, Dec 11, 1828. Charlotte E, d. Nath[aniel] and Susan, Apr 27,1842. Daniel, s.Dan[ie]l, bap Feb 20, 1757 C.R.1. David, s.David and Catherine, Aug 23,1830. Eunice, w. Eliakim Hutchins at Stow, Nov 8,1801 P.R.25. Harriet, d.David and Catherine, July 29, 1836. Hiram, s. David and Catherine, Nov 10, 1834. John H, s.Nathaniel and Susan, Apr 7, 1835. Mary, d. David and Catherine, ?[after 1837]. Mary B, d. Nathaniel and Susan, June 21, 1844. Nathaniel F, s. Nathaniel and Susan, Sept 26,1830. Sarah F, d. Nathaniel,laborer, and Susan, Feb 21,1847[1846 dup.]. Sidney D.,s. Nathaniel,farmer, b Watertown and Susan, b.Dorchester, May 12,1849. Susan E., d. Nathaniel and Susan, Feb 11, 1833. William, s. Nathaniel and Susan, Nov 27, 1839. please note: Eunice was listed under births. Most likely is a death. MARRIAGES-pg253 WHITNEY Ebenezer R. of Newton and Sarah F Leighton, Mar 20, 1842*. [Eunice, of Stow,int.] and Eliakim Hutchins[Jr int], Dec 16, 1828.P.R.6* Hannah of Chelmsford and Henry Morgan, Aug 25,1768*. James F. and Nancy Sanderson of Lowell, int Aug 1, 1841. John and Mary Skiffington, both resident of Westford, int Feb 16,1779. WITNEY Phineas of Winchendon, and Bethiah Barrett, Feb 15, 1796*. *int. also recorded NO DEATHS LISTED

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