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From: Jeanne Muse <102256.2027 -at- CompuServe.COM> Subject: MORE DESCENDANTS FOUND Date: 26 Nov 96 20:10:42 EST I found some WHITNEY people in the book "HOWE GENEALOGIES.. of Abraham of Roxbury, James of Ipswich, Abraham of Marlborough and Edward of Lynn, Massachusetts" by Daniel Wait Howe, 1929 I know this book has been filmed by LDS, and it is available for temporary loan thru NEHGS for members. Note: My own references are shown in < >. There are a few NEW DESCENDANTS from John and Elinor here!  :-) Jeanne p251 ABIGAIL WHITE WHITNEY (dau. of Deacon Whitney of North Cambridge, Mass.) married on 7 Jul 1881 MOSES GILE HOWE (son of Rev. Moses Howe and Frances Dearborn) born in Portsmouth, N.H. 14 Aug 1826 & died in Cambridge 13 Aug 1896. as his 3rd wife. No children. p115 ASA WHITNEY married DELIA D. HOWE (dau. of Spooner Howe and Phebe Briggs). She was born 11 Dec 1839 in Jamaica, Vermont. They lived in Dummerston, VT, in 1898. p282 BENJAMIN WHITNEY married on 10 Apr 1710 SARAH BARRETT (dau. of John Barrett and Deborah Howe) b. 28 Nov 1692 in Marlborough, Mass. <This gives us their marriage date.> p519 EDNA LOUISE WHITNEY of Blandford, Mass. married on 24 July 1922 MILTON FREEMAN HOWE, born in Enfield, Mass. on 13 Jun 1896. 2 children. p235 ELIZA WHITNEY (dau. of ASA WHITNEY and CLARINDA WILLIAMS) of Philadelphia, PA, born 25 Jan 1826, married on 9 Jun 1857 Rev. MARK ANTONY DEWOLF HOWE (s. of John Howe and Louisa Smith) born in Bristol, R.I. 5 Apr 1809 as his 3rd wife. Reverend Howe had a total of 18 children - 5 by his 1st wife; 8 by his 2nd wife; and 5 by his 3rd wife (Eliza Whitney). p26 ELIZABETH WHITNEY (dau. of Isaac and Elizabeth (Bridges) Whitney) born 28 Jan 1731. She married on 7 Sep 1749 EBENEZER HOWE (son of John Howe and Sarah Gould), born in Wilmington, Mass. 13 Dec. 1725. Elizabeth died, and he married 2nd on 31 Oct 1751 LUCY STIMPSON. Ebenezer and Elizabeth had no children. Ebenezer and his 2nd wife, Lucy, had 9 children born between 1752 and 1774. <This is Elizabeth-4, Isaac-3, Benjamin-2, John-1. Our Whitney11 database does not list her husband's surname. Now we know it is HOWE.> p246 LUCY WHITNEY (dau. of TIMOTHY WHITNEY and LUCY BRYANT) born in Oneida, NY on 21 Mar 1831; d. in Haverhill, Mass., 14 May 1912, married on 19 June 1851 DR. JAMES CALVIN HOWE (s. of Calvin Whiting Howe and Charlotte Atwell). James Calvin Howe (b. 17 Mar 1829 in New York City; d. 6 Oct 1888 in Haverhill, Mass - surgeon in the Civil War) and Lucy Whitney had 6 children. <**Lucy is a NEW DESCENDANT from RICHARD WHITNEY & MARTHA COLDAM. She is Lucy-8, Timothy-7, Simon-6, Timothy-5, Jonas-4, Moses-3, Richard-2, John-1> p302 MARY WHITNEY married WILLIAM STILLMAN EVERETT (son of William Everett and Parmelia Howe), b. 13 Oct 1805. p315 MARY ANN WHITNEY married EMERSON STOW (son of Jere Stow and Lavinia Howe) b. 14 Oct 1815. p521 Harriet Angevine, b. 25 May 1810; d. 1899 in Mexico, dau. of OLIVER L. ANGEVINE and SALLY WHITNEY of Poultney, Vermont, married James Howe in abt. 1836. p35 SARAH WHITNEY (dau. of SAMUEL WHITNEY and ABIGAIL CUTLER) b. in Boston 2 Feb. 1776; d. 16 Nov 1857 in Lincolnville, Maine; married on 5 Nov 1808 as his 2nd wife DAVID HOWE (s. of Joseph Howe and Rebecca Hart) b. in Boston 25 Mar 1759; d. 3 Mar 1828 in Castine, Maine (David was postmaster of Castine, a notary public, and U.S Marshall.) 4 children. <**Sarah is a NEW DESCENDANT from THOMAS WHITNEY & MARY KEDALL. She is Sarah-6, Samuel-5, Benjamin-4, Thomas-3, Thomas-2, John-1> <Of interest here is one of the children of Sarah Whitney & David Howe also married a Whitney. "REBECCA WITHERLE HOWE, b. 15 Oct 1817; m. 21 Nov 1844, her cousin SAMUEL WHITNEY, son of SAMUEL A. AND RUTH (Perkins) WHITNEY, b. 20 July 1802 n Castine (Maine). Both of them were drowned 31 Mar 1846 by the sinking of a boat in the Penobscot Bay." This would make me believe that her uncle could be her mother's brother -- Samuel Whitney (who married Ruth Perkins) and Lucy Whitney could have been brother & sister. Therefore, we might have another descendant in Samuel.> p365 SARAH E. WHITNEY (dau. of ISAAC WHITNEY and MARIA) born in Wells, Maine, 17 Feb 1826, died in Worcester, Mass., 7 Mar 1889, married on 25 Jul 1858 CHARLES MARSHALL HOWE as his 2nd wife. He had 5 children by his 1st wife; 2 children by his 2nd wife (Sarah Whitney). p438-439 SILAS WHITNEY m. on 25 Feb 1818 SARAH HOWE (dau. of Simeon Howe and Hannah Foster) b. 11 June 1790 in Sharon, Vermont. 3 children of Silas Whitney and Sarah Howe: Paul Whitney b 20 Jan. 1819 Spencer Howe Whitney b. 8 June 1821; d. in Feb. 1825 Jerusha Whitney b. 5 Nov. 1826 p119 VIORNA M. WHITNEY, who was born about 1845, married on 19 Dec 1866 OSMORE O. HOWE, son of David Howe and ? Adams, who was born in Jamaica, Vermont, 22 Apr 1835 and died 29 March 1892. 5 children all born in Jamaica, Vt.

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