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From: Peg Sanborn <circeium -at-> Subject: Whitney Vr's for Medway, MA Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 22:40:39 -0500 (EST) MEDWAY MA VITAL RECORDS to 1850 BIRTHS-pg 130 WHITNEY Adah,[twin] d.Joshua and Jemima, May 16,1774. Amos Williams, s.Joshua and Caroline, Nov, 24, 1820. Ann Mellens, d. Elias, bp. June 3, 1753. C.R.2. Caroline, d. Joshua and Caroline, Mar 3, 1823. Caroline E., d. Nathan F. Apr. 14,1844. Charles E., s. Nathan and Janette, July___, 1847. Daniel Hobbs, s.Joshua and Kesiah, Mar 6, 1781. Eliab, s. Daniel H. and Irene, Dec. 6, 1806. Elias, s. Silas and Tryphena, June 2, 1791. Eliza F., d.Nathan F. and Rosette H.,Nov. 11, 1845. Emily Fisher, d. Joshua and Caroline, June 18,1813. Ephrain, s.Ephrain and Sarah, May 8, 1778. George J., s. Jason and Emily, May 22, 1845. Horace Messenger, s.Daniel and Irene, Dec.5,1807. Jabez, s.Joshua and Phebe, Jan 8, 1750 "O.S." James, s.Daniel Hobbs and Irene, Dec 9,1803. Jason, s.Joshua and Caroline, Aug 26, 1811. Jemima, ch. Silas and Tryphena, bp.Oct. 28,1792. C.R.2. John, s.Joshua and Phebe, May 7, 1749 "O.S." John, ch Wid. Whitney, bp July 7,1751. C.R.1. Joshua, s.Joshua and Keziah, Jan.17, 1783. Moses, s. Jabez and Experience, Feb. 22, 1772. Nabby,[twin] d. Joshua and Jemima, May 16, 1774. Nathan, s. Joshua and Caroline, Mar.11, 1819. Priscilla, ch. Joshua, bp. Nov 12,1775. C.R.1. Priscilla, d. Joshua and Jemima, Nov. 10, 1776. Sibbel,[twin] d. Dan[ie]l Hobbs and Irene, Jan.22,1802. Silas, s.Joshua and Jemima, Mar.20, 1771. Silas, s. Daniel Hobbs and Irene, Nov. 18, 1810. Simeon, s.Joshua and Jemima, Aug.29,1766. Simeon[twin] s. Dan[ie]l Hobbs and Irene, Jan.22,1802. Simon, s.Joshua Jr. and Caroline, Oct.8,1809. MARRIAGES-pg274 WHITNEY Amos and Jane Dearborn,Nov.20,1842. Amos W.,s.Joshua and Jerusha Partridge, Apr.2,1845. Asaph and Abagail[int.Abigail] Miller, Nov. 13,1827. Bethiah and Thomas Jones, Oct 1,1750 in Wrentham. Charles B. of Philadelphia, PA. [int. omits PA.], and Mary Ann Cary, Apr. 9, 1837. Daniel Hobbs and Irene Morse, Nov.5, 1801. Emeline and William Adams, Apr.9, 1833. Emily F[int. Whetney] and Lorenzo W. Green, June 14, 1836. Jabez and[int.adds.Mrs.]Experience Fairbank[int. Fairbanks] Oct.20, 1771. Jason W.[int.Whetney] and Emily[int Emely] Muzzy, Apr 5,1837, in Leicester. Jemima of Upton and Frances Hapgood, int. Mar.5, 1841. Joel[int.Whiting] and Harriot J. Ware[int. Harriet J. Wares] Dec.1,1836. [Whiting, P.R.] John and Mille Carey, int. Dec 5, 1767. "The Banns between John Whitney & Molly Carey is forbidden by his Master Garnsey & Mother." Joshua and[int. adds Mrs.]Jemima Clark, Oct.29, 1765. Joshua and Keziah[int.Kezia] Hobbs, Oct.28,1779. Joshua Jr. and Caroline Williams, Nov.29, 1808. Louisa of Sherburne, and Cyrus Daniels, int. Sept.30,1827. Mary and Arthur McConn, int. June 3, 1840. Nathan[int.Whiting] and Merriam Leland[int Mariam Lealand] Dec. 22, 1791, in Bellingham. Nathan F. and Rosette H. Springer, int. Oct 14, 1843. [Whiting, m. Nov.1,P.R.]. Nathan F.,s.Joshua, and _____ _____, Nov.1, 1843. Persis of Sherburn[int.Sherburne] and Solomon Gould, Nov.29, 1792, in Sherborn. Phebe and Caleb Partridge, July 16, 1751.[Witney, C.R.1] Phebe[int. adds Mrs.] and Isaac Kibby[int. Kibbey].May 28, 1765. Silas and Tryphena Lane, Mar.16,1791. Simon H. and Sarah S. Johnson, int. Aug.3, 1833. DEATHS-pg343 WHITNEY Adah, d.Joshua and Jemima, May 16,1773. Elias, s.Silas and Tryphena,still born, June 2,1791. James, s. Daniel H. and Ireene, Apr.22, 1806, a.2y.4m.13d. Jemima, w.Joshua, Nov.22,1778. Joshua, s.Joshua and Jemima, Feb.26, 1779. Kezia,w.Joshua, Apr.15,1820, in 78th y. G.R.1. Nabby, d.Joshua and Jemima, May 16, 1773. _____,ch._____ _____,1843, P.R. * note: under birth Nabby is listed as being born May 16,1774. and listed under deaths on May 16, 1773. My guess is that this is an error on the date, and most likely died at birth. under Marriages-It list Nathan F, s Joshua and _____ _____,Nov. 1,1843. again this is most likely a birth. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Peg

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