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From: <j.whitney1 -at-> Subject: Greetings from an English Whitney Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 10:16:20 GMT Hi folks, I discovered the WHITNEY List some weeks ago and I've been in 'digest' mode since then - one of Michael's "lurkers"! - to get a feel for what's being discussed and exchanged between you good folks. I have to say that I'm impressed with the amount of good, basic WHITNEY research material I've seen go past my screen. I noted the brief dialog about whether messages should be sent to individuals or via the group, and I thought Larry Stephens' comments on this were very apt. I have already had exchanges with one or two of you on specific points, but I have some Whitney-related stuff which may be of wider interest, especially since some of it has strong USA connections [see footnote]. Since there is quite a lot of ground to cover, I won't try to do it all now, so watch this space: as someone said the other week - if you don't want it just hit the delete key! I can't claim to have collected a large amount of WHITNEY information, but one useful database I have on my Mac is a complete listing of registered WHITNEY (this spelling only) births, marriages and deaths for England & Wales from the start of registration in Sept 1837 to the end of 1939. This was transcribed from the St. Caths/GRO Index by Dianne Searle of Corwall, whose great uncle William Solden Whitney emigrated to Canada and then to California towards the end of the last century. Unfortunately the GRO indexes are not available on disk, nor do they group several spelling variants together like the IGI. If anyone would like me to do a British WHITNEY b/m/d search THEY HAVE ONLY TO ASK! The footnote summarises a topic I hope to cover in the coming weeks. If anyone out there already has ANY information or comments on this - or if it was discussed before I joined - please let me know straight away so that I don't waste your valuable screen time going over old ground. I hope you are all recovered from the long holiday weekend! Finally - a curious co-incidence! Ed Sinker was in the Hereford Public Library the other day looking at their copy of the Melville book (The Ancestry of John Whitney). What should he find tucked in there but a 100-year-old newspaper cutting of a letter to the editor of the Hereford Journal written by my grandfather's sister on the subject of Geffery Whitney the 16th cent. Cheshire poet! Cheers, John G. Whitney Oxford, England ========================= Henry Austin W. and Samuel Austin W.; their research in England; their pedigree charts published by Henry Green in London in 1866; was John Whitney (the emigrant) the son of Richard Whitney of Islip in Oxfordshire? =========================

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