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From: <RayWhit79 -at-> Subject: Daniel James Whitney Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 09:59:08 -0500 Hello All, I have been away several days over Thanksgiving. I purposely left my E-Mail from the group open so that I would not miss any data. While on my trip, looked up some newly found distant relatives in Long Lane, Mo., where I found out a little additional information about my line of Whitneys. One thing particularly interesting was that I learned that my Great Grandfather, whom I had known thus far only as James Whitney, actually was Daniel Jamers Whitney, so that gives one additional little clue . I just finished reading with bated breath some thirty of your messages that come while I wsas gone, buit alas, did not find Daniel James Whitney mentioned in any of them. As info to all, that now makes my search for paren ts, birth, marriage and death of Daniel James Whitney, who should have been born in 1834 or thereabouts in someplace in New York. In 1870 was shown in Anderson County, Kansas census as 36 years old, married to Dilly Jane (Jennie) Flint Whitney, age 33, born also in New York, children: Harvey James (my Grandfather), age 14, born in Iowa, Delmar, Age 11, born in Illinois, Benjamin, Age 9, born in Wisconsin, Ida, Age 6 born in Wisconsin, and Marquis D. Age 2, born in Kansas. Also, after Danel James Whitney's name was the notation "Insane". I have other information that he actually died in the east, his wife Dilly Jane, having come to Kansas, afterwards, with four children to live with her sister, Waty Ann Keller. Apparently, Marquis was born after she arrived in Kansas. Other than my grandfather, Harvey, I have the most information about Marquis with very little about the other three children., With the infor that Daniel James died in the east, I have speculated he might still have been alive, but possibly institutionalized in the east and his wife may have shown him on the Kansas Census, with the rest of the family. In any case, if any of you have any info about Daniel James, particularly his parents, and place of birth, I would be extremely grateful for your advice. I have been at this dead end for some months now. Now that I have the additional information of the first name being Daniel, I will go back to the Kansas Historical Center, as well as the Mormon Library to see if I can locate him there. Thanks again. Ray Whitney Note to Allagreen: I didn't get the busy sign on you alone, but on the entire group. I just wrote you separately for any ideas you had about getting it on. Thanks. Ray

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