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From: Peg Sanborn <circeium -at-> Subject: Whitney VR's for ATHOL MA Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 15:29:49 -0500 (EST) ATHOL MA VITAL RECORDS to 1850 pub. Franklin P. Rice BIRTHS-pg96-7 WHITNEY Abby M.,d.Lemuel and Almira,_____ __,1847. G.S.6. Almeda,d.Edward and Rhoda, April 15,1821. Alva,d.Nathan and Sina, March 6,1806. Ammi,s.Lemuel and Anna, June 1,1817. Anna,d.Nathan and Sina, March 30,1809. Bartholomew W.,s. William K. and Deborah, July 19,1825. Barzillia J.,s.William K. and Deborah, April 21,1822. Betcy Bowker,twin d.Moses and Tabitha,Dec.22,1804. Charles,s.Edward and Rhoda,July 21,1823. Deborah W.,d.William K.and Deborah,Oct.30,1823. Elbridge W.,s.William K. and Deborah, May 26,1819. At Dana. Esther Desire Fuller,d.Jacob and Sally, Oct.20,1844. Esther Maria,d.Lemuel and Anna,Nov.21,1818. Frances Adeliza,d.Elbridge W. and Sopha, Jan.5,1846. Freeman Bowker,twin,s.Moses and Tabitha,Dec.22,1804 Gilbert H.,_____ __,1824. G.S.1 Helen M.,w.Gilbert H.,_____ __,1827. G.S.1. Ira,s.Nathan and Sina,July 30,1807. John F.,s.William K. and Deborah,March 29,1828. John P.,July 14,1831. G.S.2. Josiah C.,s.William B. and Marilla L.,July 14,1843. Lewis J.,_____ __,1802. G.S.1. Mary W.,d.William K.and Deborah,March 16,1830. Melinda L.,w.Gilbert H.,_____ __,1826. G.S.1. Nancy,d.Edward and Rhoda,March 25,1818. Ruth,w.Lewis J.,_____ __,1803. G.S.1. Sophia A.,w. E.W.,_____ __.1823. G.S.2. Susannah K.,d.William K. and Deborah, Nov.1,1820. Washburn Whiting,s.Lemuel and Anna,Nov.11,1820. William Wheeler,s.Nathan and Sina, March 12,1811. _____.d.William K. and Mary Ann,_____ __,____.[1844 or 1845.] MARRIAGES-pg176 WHITNEY Abel of Orange and Sylvia Twichel, July 15,1810. Deborah(d.William K.) and Lyman Fox, Aug 20,1848. Elbridge W. of Petersham and Sophia Ann Billings, Oct.20,1841. Hannah and Abraham Roberts, both of Warwick, Nov.13,1777.* Hannah H. and Hiram Lewis Jr.,Oct.10,1841. Henry and Sally Twichell, Dec.28,1820. Irene of Petersham and Evi[Eri?]Twichel, Jan.1,1817. Lemuel of Warwick and Sally Pratt, int.Aug.18,1804. Lewis I. and Ruth Howard, July 18,1824. Nathan of Royalston and Sina Wheeler, May 16,1805. Phebe and Artemas Hancock of Templeton, Jan.5,1812. Susanna K. and Silas Fry, May 16,1840. William K and Mary Ann Billings,April 2,1843. *intention not recorded. DEATHS-pg227 WHITNEY Francis A.,s.[d.?] Elbridge W. and Sophia A., Sept.17,1846, a. 8m. 12d. G.S.2. Isaac Henry,s.Moses and Tabitha, Oct.1,1804. Mr.Jonas, April 7,1776. C.R. Lucy, d.Chandler and Martha, Aug.19,1843, a. 16y.7m. Consumption. Martha, w.Chandler, Jan.8,1848, a.52. G.S.2. Mary[W.] d.William K.,[and Deborah], Sept 6,1846, a.16. Typhus fever. Patty, w.C.H.,Jan.8,1848, a.47. _____,ch.Moses, Oct.1,1804, a.2y. C.R. _____,ch.Saml.,Feb.7,1817, a.1y. C.R. _____,[Frances A.,above?],inf.d. Whipple, Sept.18,1846. Dysentary.

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