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From: "Roger, Carolyn or Randy Winch" <gumby -at-> Subject: Re: Whitney Database Online ??? Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 14:40:23 -0600 Hi Allan, I don't mind making the changes at all. I had a few more questions. Any ideas on what the submitter info should say ? Should I make the email address for the Whitney GED point to the list ? And should I add the names to GENDEX ? By-the-way 10 people have voted yes and none no so far. I can update the database as often as needed as changes come in (it takes on the order of 5 minutes). Randy Winch ---------- > From: ALLAGREEN -at- > To: gumby -at-; Whitney -at- > Subject: Re: Whitney Database Online ??? > Date: Thursday, December 05, 1996 2:10 PM > > Dear Randy: > > Basically, as one of the early members, I would vote yes - but with a sort of > proviso. There are some *facts* in the database represented by the > Witney11.ged that are just not correct. I can well appreciate that Jon is > very hesitant to *correct* material that others have sent him, but there is > some stuff in that database that came straight out of Ancestral File, warts > and all, and really should not be *published* without being fixed, or at > least clearly marked as questionable. Let me cite just a few examples: > > RIN #3 Elinor/Ellen Birthplace is shown as St. Margarets, Warwick, England. > There is no such parish anywhere in Warwickshire, certainly not in Warwick > itself, unless it is the name (dedicated to this particular Saint) of a > particular church in one of the Parishes with another, primary, name. For > example: I suppose the parish church in the parish of Alcester (first one on > the Warwickshire list) could be dedicated to St. Margaret, and be known > locally by that name, but that is NOT St. Margaret's Parish. On the other > hand, the parish of St. Margaret Westminster, in which John Whitney was > christened, is most certainly NOT in Warwickshire, it is on the grounds of > Westminster Abbey, about two blocks from Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster > Bridge (which, by the way, leads to Lambeth of the famous Marsh). Further, > the date of 1618 is given as a marriage date without a *circa* or an *about* > (or a "bef 1619"), but has no place associated with it or any supporting > source to demonstrate its validity. Having spent countless hours hunting for > a record of this marriage, I am slightly sensitive to this one. > > RIN #2, John Whitney, in his list of children, it does not show both Marys, > the second of which is assumed to have died because of her not coming to > America. The first Mary is shown as having been born on 23 May 1619 - no > other data, when that is actually the christening date in Isleworth Parish. > This first Mary was buried from St. Mary Aldermary Parish in London on 15 > Feb 1626/7. The sixth child, Mary (2nd), was christened 29 Dec 1629, also in > St. Mary Aldermary, and I have found no record of her death. The first three > of John's children are shown in the gedcom as having been born in Isleworth, > which is correct. The remainder (up to Joshua) simply say England. > Nathaniel, the fourth child was probably born in St. Mary Aldermary, > although I can find no record of his christening in that parish. He was born > ca 1626 (according to his age in the passenger list, which may be a little > off). The family may have been in that parish then, because of the record > there of Mary(1)'s death in Feb. 1627, and #5 Thomas's Dec 1627 birthdate > there. Jonathan, b. ca 1633/4 is another problem, with no record in St. Mary > Aldermary of his birth. He simply turns up with the family when they left. > > I again want to emphasize that Jon Aston is NOT responsible for > discrepancies. He has simply taken on good faith what was sent to him, and I > am probably as guilty as anyone else of not sending him updated versions as I > added material to my records. > > Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem. I'm sure many of us can find > a few other items apiece that need fixing before publication. My problem is > that I don't feel I can volunteer to help with this work because I'm very > tied up right now with Peg and Jan working on the Vital Records of dozens of > MA towns. Randy, if you put it on a page that made it available, how much > trouble would it be to enter corrections and changes?? > I would like to hear other opinions on this idea about publishing on the web. > > Happy Hunting! > > Allan > > > > >

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