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From: "Vickie (Elam) White" <102657.1616 -at- CompuServe.COM> Subject: WHITNEY-FARNSWORTH-SHATTUCK Date: 06 Dec 96 17:29:24 EST In the 2d Torrey Supplement (1995) it says that Jonathan FARNSWORTH married Ruth ____ (not SHATTUCK) (c1678 - ) and bases this on the "unpublished research" of John Plummer of Waterbury CT. I had wondered about this connection myself, since John SHATTUCK supposedly died in 1675 so he couldn't have been Ruth's father. But I was hoping that perhaps Ruth's birthdate could be narrowed down enough to prove that she was indeed John's daughter. I really didn't want to give up one of my WHITNEY connections! Lucky for me I have others. <G> Does anyone know if John Plummer's work has been published yet? Or does anyone know or have a good guess what Plummer has found to disprove the SHATTUCK line? Is it really only Ruth's birthdate or is there more to it? Where and when did they marry? Their marriage record isn't in the Groton VR and the "original" Torrey said they married by 1698, based on the birth of their daughter Ruth in April 1699. Since Ruth's surname appears in brackets, Torrey deduced her name from records other than a marriage record. Any idea what those records might have been? I appreciate any help you can give me. Vickie (Elam) White 102657.1616 -at-

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