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From: "Robert L. Ward" <rlward1 -at-> Subject: Re: More MA Vital Records. Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 21:10:04 -0800 ALLAGREEN -at- wrote: Allan Green wrote: > Lots of new people coming into the list, I see. The more the merrier. Does > anyone know the origin of the Susannah Whitney who married Jonathan(3) > Whitney, son of Benjamin(2), son of John(1)? She would have been born ca > 1684, no idea where. > I have found all (but one?) of their children born in Sherborn, with the > dates that Ed Sinker sent me for all but one - Mehetabel being shown in these > VR as born 1718 rather than 1719. I also found the one he skipped, child #4, > Dorotha, b. 28 Aug 1708, but no Eleanor, which he shows as the 12th and last > child. However, none of these children born in Sherborn seem to have married > there, which suggests that Jonathan and Susannah removed to another town > after 1721, the last birth listed. Ed, hope this helps. This Jonathan WHITNEY married Susannah FAIRBANKS (not WHITNEY) on 14 Jan 1700/1 in Medfield, MA (VR). I do not know her parentage, but you should be looking for a Susannah FAIRBANKS b. 1684, not a Susannah WHITNEY. Regards, Robert L. Ward rlward1 -at- <a href=""></a> 12236 Shadetree Lane, Laurel, MD 20708-2832 301-776-1659

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