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From: "Edward Sinker" <sinker -at-> Subject: Re: Whitney list Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 20:38:56 -0000 Hi I am going over some of the data which has been sent to the list concerning those people who are supposed to be my ancestors but have encountered a problem. Allan sent the following on 7 Nov: >Here's the last of the Whitney marriages that I have found on the Ancestry, >Inc. WebSite. > >From American Marriages Recorded Before 1699 > >Richard Whitney & Martha Coldham, 19 Mar 1650, Watertown, MA >Judith Clemens & Jeremiah Whitney, 29 Sep 1659, Plymouth, MA >John Whitney & Judith Clement, 29 Sep 1659, Watertown, MA >Abigail Tarbell & Joshua Whitney, 30 Sep 1672, Groton, MA >Sarah Knight & Moses Whitney, 30 Sep 1686, Stow, MA >Benjamin Whitney & Mary Poor, 11 Apr 1695, York, ME The marriage date for Benjamin W and Mary Poor must be incorrect since their children were born from 1669-1687 or did they just feel that they were doing the right thing for their children by getting married belatedly :- ) Is this just a typo? Edward Coates Sinker Church Lea Bosbury Herefordshire HR8 1PX U.K. email: sinker -at-

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