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From: Marion Leska <marionleska -at-> Subject: Re: Articles On Line Date: Wed, 25 Dec 1996 19:02:41 -0500 Edward Sinker wrote: > > Hi Robert > > >I have just uploaded two articles on the ancestry of John Whitney of > >Watertown, Mass. One is by Donald Lines Jacobus, published in 1933-34, > >and the other is by Paul C. Reed,published in 1994. Together they form > >the scholarly basis for the challenge to Henry Melville, > > Thank you for mentioning the two URLs for the articles. I already have > the Reed one and tried to download the Jacobus article but it didn't > work. I don't know if others had any problem. I suspect a lot of people > are away for Christmas at the moment. I stripped the URL down to > <a href=""></a> but could not find it from there. Would it be possible > for you to copy and paste them either for me or the the list? Hi Edward and All, First, a very merry Christmas! Second, I took the roundabout way of going to Robert's Home Page. He left one step out of his URL. It should be: <a href=""></a> and then the rest. He left out his home page and it can be found there. The web leaves us almost as much of a hunt as genealogy! Happy Hunting Marion Whitney Leska

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