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From: Bert Smith <102513.3332 -at- CompuServe.COM> Subject: Lois(6) Whitney Date: 29 Dec 96 19:44:20 EST Jon and Allan, I thought that I had sent you a ged-com of the descendants of Lois(6) Whitney (Nathaniel 5,4,3; John 2-1), but I don't see any evidence of it in Whitney11. Is it because (a) you're only putting the Whitney name in the data-base, or (b) because you haven't gotten the Lois descendants yet? If (b), do you want a ged-com? If yes, what's the best way to send it? A disk via snail-mail is usually the safest method, if you'll give me a snail mail address. For those that are interested: Lois (sister of Eli, Sr.) married Abiel Chamberlin and their son Ephraim married Dorcas Carter who was a descendant of several of the prominent early North Shore Families including Eastman, Barnard, Peaslee, Hall, Kimball, Marsh, Abbott, Chandler.

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