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From: JSL & MAL <malincal -at-> Subject: [Fwd: Roach Genealogy] Date: Mon, 03 Mar 1997 08:32:27 -0800 John and/or Becky Reedy wrote: > > Whitney Discussion Group, > Noticed a couple of your/our? ancestors and had a few questions. First, > you list a Terrance Roach married to a Margaret Sloan. I don't know > where they come from, but......... > in my tree is a Terrance Roach b in Glenrove Parish, County Limerick > Ireland who married a Margaret SLYNE. They had a daughter named Ellen b. > 1840 in County Limerick. She married Daniel Reedy in Jersey County, IL > on 10/26/68. Daniel was from County Kerry, IRE. He was also my great > grandfather. Soooooo > Do your Roach's move on to Jersey County, IL? > Is my great great grandmother a Sloan or a Slyne? > Is there a relation, or just a coincidence? > John Reedy > Schaumburg, IL Hi, seems like you have a bit of a mixup, I am sure some of our most talented will help you out. What I would like to know is if you have any information going waaaaay back to Thomas Whitney b 1600 and Mary Roach! We have information from some cousins and the FHC that they are the parents of my Henry Whitney 1620 Herts, Eng. Other cousins say not. Do you have positive info? Allan, I know this is a sore subject with you so you do not need to bother with it again. Just looking for some fresh outlook on this. Like I said we are all searching for the truth. Barb Oliver has them listed as Henry's parents also. Well, hoping to hear something more to add to the Roach contraversy on Henry's parents :) Thanks, MAL

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