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From: OLIVE R LEE<CZCV04A -at- > Subject: Timothy McGee Line Date: Tue, 4 Mar 1997 10:24:40, -0500 I am a descendant of William Wesley McGee, who was a brother of Timothy William(s) McGee. I have conflicting info on their parents, but mine is undocumented. My info indicates their parents as "Darby" McGee (which may have been a nickname) and Sally Wilcutt. I also saw the George W. McGee family in the 1860 Census of Smith Co., TN and wondered if this could be their family, but have nothing to document this fact. Do you have anything to show this connection. My grandfather always mentioned that his father, William Wesley, had brothers, Timothy Williams, Jerry, and George, but never mentioned sisters, so I was unsure if this could be his family. I also have lots more info on Timothy's daughter Mary Belle McGee's line as several members of her family married into the William Wesley Line and are close relatives of mine and live in Nashville, TN at this time. Her oldest daughter is in her 90s and has given me a lot of info. including the name of Celinda (or Selinda) Garner's parents. I would very much like to compare info with you. However, I am very new at the computer and have to feel my way thru. Thanks for any info you can share with me. My mother was Maggie Lou McGee, daughter of William Sampson McGee who was William Wesley McGee's son. You can reach me at CZCV04a -at-, or regular mail at 14554 NE 50th, Choctaw, OK 73020; or tel. 405-390-2606.

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