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From: Ron & Marsha Bokleman <ninnie -at-> Subject: My family Date: Thu, 06 Mar 1997 20:12:53 -0500 Here is my list of descendants from John and Elinor to myself. 1. John and Elinor Whitney 9 children. 2. Benjamin Whitney b June 16, 1643 Watertown m. Jane Poor, 10 children. 3. John Whitney b 1678 York, Maine m. Lettice Ford, 8 children. 4. Samuel Whitney b May 5, 1707 York, Maine m. Lydia Spooner, 8 children. 5. Samuel Whitney b. Sept 15, 1731, Brunswick, Maine m. Mary Aston, 1 child. 6. Ebenezer Whitney b. 1762 Brunswick, Maine m. Mehitable ? 9 children. 7. Thomas Clinton Whitney b Feb 8, 1809 Etna, Maine m. Hepsabeth Brown , 7 children. 8. Leander Shepherd Whitney b. Etna, Maine 1853 , m. Lucy Lila Thornton, 9 children. 9. Thomas Roland Whitney b. April 16, 1892 Bowdoin, Maine m. Lettie Thompson, 11 children. 10. Thomas Leander Whitney b. June 11, 1918 Augusta, Maine m. Daphne Warriner Divoll, 3 children. 11. Marsha Vivian Whitney Bokleman b. Boston, Massachusetts.(myself)Married, 3 children and 3 grandchildren. My most wanted at this point is the name of my maternal gr. grandparents, (parents of Edna Richards Clark Divoll). Edna used 2 maiden names 3 if you count her first marriage name. Checked to see if perhaps she was married 3 times, records say a big NO. Her father was listed as E.J. Richards, mother unknown and also as George Clark. Edna was born in Boston, but archives reveal nothing. My other missing areas are the other children of Samuel and Mary Aston, and the surname of Mehitable wife of # 6. I know I have other missing dates etc. but that is it for now. Thanks for all the help. Am willing to share anything I have. MVB.

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