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From: <Whitneyjc -at-> Subject: Whitney-Riehl Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 00:36:37 -0500 (EST) Hi ALL; I have in my possession a book of 105 pages that the authors call "This History and Genealogy". The name is, Whitney - Riehl and allied families, Boyd, McDowall, McKim,Riehl 'Riel' & Steichelman. This book has no publisher, copyright, sale address, or anyway, by way of contacting the authors to see if it is for sale some where, I am going to list some of the names and see if anyone recognizes any names that could be contacted about the same. The authors say in the preface, "It can also serve as a foundation for those who may want to add new and additional facts to their genealogical history." So I suppose that would make it all right to share it with "The List". In the INTRODUCTION it is stated-- Nicholas Whitney was born at Breezmount, Old Court, Parish of Adamstown, county of Wexford, Barony of Bantry, Province of Leinster, Ireland, Left there in April 1823 in the Maria, of Pembroke, Capt. key, Arrived at Quebec lower Canada on the 29th May same year. Resided upon and near Isle Aux Noix up to June 1860. Arrived at Louden Iowa 1st July 1860. - the authors are Leslie P. Whitney & Fred R. Whitney Thomas Whitney of Moneytucker b. about 1667 Will dated 11 Feb. 1725 proved 9 Jan. 1726 m. Rebecca --- I- James II- Richard III-Thomas Whitney (the older) of Bush Park & Ruffpark m. Martha - - - - - I-Henry II-Mary III-Thomas Whitney [the younger] of Bush Park m. Frances Gill IV-Benjamin Whitney of Old Ross m. Mary King, sister of Nicholas King of Faight - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -I- Benjamin II- Rebecca III-Nicholas Whitney of Old Ross m. Catherine Gore, 19/5/1750 V-Luke VI-John It tells of this Whitney family's moves from Canada to Nebraska and a nice bunch of stories and pictures to go along with the moves. I think what I'll do is have some copies made of this book and will send them snail-mail to anyone that is interested. So let me know at Whitneyjc -at- by the 20th of March so I'll know how many and I can get a printing price.Have a nice one!! Jerry

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