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From: Jerry McClure <jmac -at-> Subject: WHITNEY IN NC Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 11:06:32 -0600 Elijah WHITNEY was born November 7, 1816, in Randolph Co., NC. In September, 1840, he married Elizabeth MOON and had three children: William H., Joseph J. and Mary Ann. Following Elizabeth's death, he married Ruth Ann McManus COX in Oct 1849, and had the following children: Charlotte J., Sarah E., Ruben H., Martha L., Margaret J., Jesse F., Irene I., Louzena P., Lovena A., and John T. In 1869, the family moved to Douglas Co., KS, and in 1876 to Benton Co., AR, where they remained. We do not know Elijah's parents or ancestry and would appreciate any information. We will be glad to share information about Elijah's family and descendants.

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