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From: Paul & Brenda Nichols <pauli007 -at-> Subject: Suggestions for a Chat Room Date: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 02:32:58 +0400 To everyone on the lists; There seems to be a genuine interest in forming a Chat Room. Quite a number of people were kind enough to take the time to write and offer suggestions, others wrote to express their desire in joining the group. The following is an edited list of some who have made offers and suggestions that I thought that you would be interested in reading. They are as follows: > I just recently set up a on-line chat room on my page. You pick the day and time. > Let me know if you're interested and I can advertise it! > Keep in touch! > > Barb Oliver > trees -at- > <a href=""></a> > Genealogy Chat Every Tuesday Night > At 9:00pm EST. Stop in and say hi! > ========================================= > Hi Brenda, you all can use my chat page on my homepage for discussions > when ever you want as long as it is not busy. Maybe I will start one > just for genealogists. If there is enough input on it let me know or if anyone else > has a homepage they can put one on theirs. You can find out how by going to my page > and on the chat page click on the wwwCHAT icon. It will take you to their site. The > chat pages are free. > Rick Royer > <a href=""></a> ======================================================================== > For those looking for a genealogist chat line, you can go to a 24 hour, free one at > : <a href=""></a>. > **Go to the "home and Living Section" and then go to "Hobbies" It is listed under > there. I also have a genealogist chat line on my homepage at: > <a href=""></a> ** just scroll down to "Chat" > Please feel free to use the room at anytime. > > Hope this helps. > Blessings, > Deb ======================================================================== > Barb Oliver has a home page, called "Trees" that includes chat rooms. She has a spot > for a Whitney chat room, but it needs a moderator, to set up the day and time, etc. I > really don't know too much about it, the page address is (Barb-correct me if I'm > wrong!) <a href=""></a> > I believe she is on our list, and you can also contact her through the home page. > Peg ======================================================================== > Those of us with direct Internet providers, not AOL or CompuServe for > example, can very easily set up chat rooms using an IRC program. These > rooms are not permanent. When the last person leaves the room the room > is gone. What would be the ideal situation is for one person to decide > they wanted to chat at a specific time and place, let the others know > when, where, and the name of the room. Then those that wanted to could > chat all they want. An IRC room is much faster than a Web based chat > room. Conversations are nearly real time. You can also transfer files > between chatters using most of the IRC software. MIRC is the program > that I am most familiar with. It is available on the web as shareware. > This way no one would have to assume the role of moderator. Those > interested would just have to learn a new program. By the way who ever > initiates the room has control over the room, they can kick people out > of the room, give control of the room to others, etc. The only problem > that I foresee would be those who wanted to participate and are > members of AOL, CompuServe, or Prodigy. I am not sure that IRC is > available with any of them. > > Steven Whitney Naples FL. > ( nfn00805 -at- ) or ( swhitney -at- ) > Home Page <a href=""></a> or > <a href=""></a> > If I am online you can reach me with WebChat via the link on my Homepage ======================================================================== > You are talking of a n MIRC Channel I imagine . There are lots of genealogy channels > on the nets now. ou can always form your own channel and get someone to set up a bot > on it to keep it open. I will forward your info to a couple of ppl more informed on > the actual mechanics of setting up a bot. Do you have an IRC programme? > Bessie > flanders -at- ========================================================================

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