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From: Barry GeneDoctor Whitney <barryw -at-> Subject: Mason, Erastus, Seymour & Kin Date: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 16:32:08 -0500 (EST) My Whitney line: John Whitney b. England 1589 d. 6/1/1673 + Elinor __ b. 1599 Johnathan Whitney b. England 1634 m. 10/30/1656 d. 1702 + Lydia Jones John Whitney b. 6/27/1662 m. 4/10/1688 d. 1735 + Mary Hapgood Dea. James-4 Whitney b. 12/28/1692 m. 2/2/1715 d. 4/10/1770 + Martha Rice Dea. Micah-5 Whitney b. 6/4/1725 m. 1747 d. 11/29/1791 + Lydia Mason Mason-6 Whitney b. 12/16/1765 d. 1802 + Dolly Rawson Erastus-7 Whitney b. 7/13/1797 m. 6/4/1826 d. 10/16/1854 + Betsy Chadwick b. 4/8/1805 d. 9/3/1872 Seymour-8 M. Whitney b 1/16/1829 m 12/31/1868 d 8/26/1900 + Sarah (Sallie) Jane Barry b. 6/2/1838 d 1/8/1924 John-9 Barry Whitney b. 6/29/1879 d 11/4/1957 + Isabella Coskery Jordan b. 8/2/1884 d. 5/17/1977 John-10 Barry Whitney b. 6/25/1916 d. 12/27/1995 + Ruth Lois Krehl b. 5/22/1915 d. 1/1993 John Barry-11 Whitney, yours truly 8^) My most wanted--help on: Mason-6, Erastus-7, and Seymour-8, Especially including: sources, siblings, other descendants, Mason-6's (or Erastus-7's) move from Massachusetts to Philadelphia (NY, not PA), and Seymour-8's move to Atlanta then to Augusta, GA. BTW, Philadelphia, NY, is around 20 mi NE of Watertown, also NY, inland from the NE end of Lake Ontario--Aren't Yahoo/Proximus maps wonderful!! Erastus-7 had daughters Marion (and/or Mariah) and Eliza and sons Seymour-8, Duane (he or an unnamed brother died for the US in the civil war), "Sell," and George Erastus Whitney. Seymour-8 moved south before the civil war and corresponded with George from Elberton, GA. George evidently lived in Augusta, GA, after the war and died there on 8/29/1913. Marion's married name in Philadelphia, NY, was Marion Taggert. Mason-6 and Erastus-7 were in business in Philadelphia, NY, with a Chauncy Whitney, and I would like information on Chauncy also. Seymour-8 had six or seven sons, at least two of whom moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and lived there in 1925. Edward, Frank, Seymour are probable names of the Pennsylvania sons. Edward supposedly had at least two sons. Another of Seymour-8's sons Alex died a young man in 1900. Two of Seymour-8's sons, Charles Erastus Whitney and John Barry Whitney, have current Whitney descendants living in the Carolinas, GA, NH, ME, & TX. What if any is the commonality of the two Watertowns--MA and NY? What if any is the commonality of the two Philadelphias (NY and PA)? Thanks for any assistance you may be able to give. Yours, Barry John Barry-11 Whitney III North Augusta, SC barryw -at-

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