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From: Peg Sanborn <circeium -at-> Subject: Weston info Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 08:05:33 -0500 (EST) WRG, This "Bit of genealogy is from the same source as the Weston VR's. I have noticed a few "conflicts". Please take note of the stars[*]. Peg BITS OF GENEAOLOGY [gleaned from various sources, to supplement the town records and to correct mistakes made and printed by other persons} pgs.580-582 JOHN WHITNEY, the emigrant [wife Elinor], d. June 1,1763. They had eight children. One of these, John [wife Ruth], had ten children. One of these, Nathaniel, come to Weston. NATHANIEL, son of John and Ruth, b. Feb.1,1646-7, was in Weston [the Farms] as early as 1694. He married 1st, Sarah Hagar, Mar.12,1673-4. She d. in Weston, July 29,1722. He married 2nd, Sarah ______. He d. Jan 7,1732-3. She d. May 7, 1746, aged about 88 years Children:. Nathaniel, b. Mar.1675-6, mar. Mercy Robinson, Nov.7,1695 Sarah, b. Feb.12,1678-9, mar. Charles Chadwick, Apr.11,1697. William, b. May 6,1683, mar. Martha Peirce, May 17,1706. Samuel, bap. July 17,1687 [left Weston as early as 1710], mar. Ann Laboree, went to Strafford, Conn. Hannah, bap. Mar. 1688-9, mar. [Nathaniel]?Billing. Elizabeth, b. Dec.15,1692 [probably mar. Joseph Harrington, dying soon after]. "It was moved by Mr. Joseph Harrington, who married _____ _____., that the 14 acres given by Nathaniel to his son Nathaniel should be considered as so much advanced to son Nathaniel." Mercy,_____,mar. [Lebbeus]?Greaves. Grace, bap. Dec.3,1710,about 10 years old, d. Mar.23,1719-20. NATHANIEL JUN., b. Mar.1675-6, mar. Mercy Robinson. They had twelve ch., Nathaniel [3rd], Sarah,Amos,Elizabeth, Jonas, James, Israel, Susanna, Solomon, Samuel, Ebenezer, Joshua, David. Apr.12,1731, 'Mercy Oliver' was witness to David's guardian bond. Nathaniel Jun, d. Sept.23,1730. Wid Mercy, d. Dec.31,1740. NATHANIEL 3RD, b. Jan.23,1695-6, mar. Mary Child, July 20, 1721 and had Ephraim, b. in Groton; Oliver, David, Mary, Nathaniel, Anna, Amos, Lucy, Love, Lois, and Eli, b. in Westboro. WILLIAM WHITNEY, son of Nathaniel, Sen., b. 1683, mar. Martha Peirce, May 17,1706. He was taxed in Weston as early as 1708, and d. there June 24,1720, leaving five ch., William,Judith, Amity, Martha, and Samuel. The last removed to Westminster, MA. WILLIAM, his son, b. Jan.11,1706-7, Mar.1st, Hannah Harrington; 2nd, Mary [Chadwick] Peirce; 3rd, Margaret Spring; 4th, Mrs. Sarah Davis of Brookline, 1763. From 1763-1768 he was not taxed in Weston. In that year he returned (?) and was taxed until 1789, in which year he probably died. WILLIAM, his son, b. Apr.10, 1736, mar. Mary Mansfield, and removed, probably in the spring of 1769, to Winchendon, MA, where he d. July 10, 1817. Wife d. Dec.17,1815. JOSEPH WHITNEY, son of John the emigrant, b. Jan.15,1651-2, mar. Martha Beach. He d. Nov.4,1702. Children: Joseph, b. Aug.15,1675, mar. Hephzibah Flagg, Apr.10,1701. He was in Weston as early as 1702. He d._____,1737. Martha, b. Dec.20,1677, d. 1702. John, b. July 29, 1780, mar. Sarah Cutting. *Isaac, b. Mar.10, d. Mar.20,1681-2; Isaac, b. Feb.14,1782-3, d.1702. Benjamin, b. Jan.31,1684-5. mar.Elizabeth Fiske. Their son Joseph mar. 1st, Mary Child; 2nd Elizabeth Goddard. Mary, b. Apr.21,1694; Sarah, bap.June 20,1697. JOHN WHITNEY, son of Joseph and Martha, b. July 29,1680, mar., Feb.22,1703-4, Sarah Cutting, dau. of Zechariah Sen., and Sarah. She d. July 10,1753; and he mar.2nd., Nov.28,1754. Beriah [Bemis,Child] Peirce. He. d. Nov.11,1760. Her will, written in 1755, left estate to her children by Daniel Child. For the last two years of her life, while blind, she was supported by her son, Daniel Child. She d. in Waltham, Nov. 4,1708. Children: Isaac, b. Sept.2,1710, mar. Elizabeth Gale. Zechariah, b. Dec.28,1711, mar. Sarah Boynton. He lived in Lunenberg. He was living in 1781. John, b. in Weston, June 22, 1714, mar. Bethia Cutter. *Abraham, b. Aug.8,1816, mar. Tabitha Allen. He was living in 1781. Joseph, b. Oct.2,1719, mar., Nov.3,1743, Mary Child, b. June 10, 1722, dau. of Daniel and Beria. He was executor of the will of his father, John; and there are papers in the possesion onf the Whitney family containing signatures of his brothers, as well as the family record of Abijah, his son, who mar. Lydia Stearns,and who administered the estate of his father Joseph. JOSEPH WHITNEY, b. in Weston, Oct.1,1719, mar. Nov. 3,1743, Mary Child, b. June 10, 1722, dau. of Daniel and Beria[Beria mar., 1754 Joseph's 'father', John]. children: Abijah, b. Sept.6,1744, d. Oct.4,1756, aged 12 years. Nathan, b. Aug.30,1749, d. suddenly June, 175[0?]. Mary, bap. may 3,1752, mar. Amos Fisk, may 29, 1777. March 14,1791, gives receipt for legacy left by her father Joseph, paid by Abijah. New-born babe, d. Dec.16,1754. New-born babe, d. apr.29,1756. Abijah, bap. Jan.6,1760, mar. Lydia Stearns. A son, b. and d. Nov.7,1765. Joseph d. Feb.22,1790. Son Abijah, executor. Widow Mary d. June 3,1803. ABIJAH, bap. 1760, mar. 1st, Lydia Stearns, June 12,1783. She d. May 5,1795. Mar. 2nd, Anna Whittemore, Sept. 20,1796. She d. Apr.5,1819. Mar.3rd, Rebecca [Fiske], wid of Caleb Cutler. She d. Apr.11,1843. He d. Mar. 8,1829. He had 14 children. Children: Abijah, b. Jan.31,1784, d. Apr. 20, 1862, aged 78-2-21. Mar. 1st, Anne Lawrence; 2nd, Abigail [Sanderson] Tidd, wid. of John Tidd of Waltham, Apr.26,1832. children: Thomas Lawrence, Gardner, Samuel Buttrick [mar. Mary W. Crehore], Sarah Anne [mar. Joshua W. Lawrence], Henry[ mar. Catherine Harvey], and d. March 8,1872. Wid. Abigail, d. March 21, 1867. Nathan, b. Apr. 30, 1786, mar. Martha Stearns; had 8 ch.; d. June 11,1822. Joseph, b. Jan.1,1788, d. Dec.6,1843. Elisha, b. Nov.6,1789, mar _____ _____; had 2 ch. in 1816; d. June 24,1837. Lydia, b. Sept.10, 1791, d. Oct.20, 1793. Lydia, b. Jan.5,1794, d. May 25,1823. Isaac, b. Aug. 11,1797, d. Oct. 30, 1823. Sukey, b. Sept.9,1799, d. June 13,1826. George, b. July 20, 1801. Charles, b. June 11,1803, mar. Mary ____; had Mary Ann, Charles, Harriet Susan. Harry, b. June 20, 1805, d. Oct.11,1817. William, b. Oct.29, 1807. Lived in Shirley. Mary Ann, b. Nov.18, 1809. Caleb Srtong, b. June 28,1812, d. in Shirley, 1836 [June 22]?. He had a family. Peace, Peg Sanborn circeium -at-

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