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From: "Lynda J. McLaughlin" <buttons -at-> Subject: HASKELL LINES Date: Thu, 03 Apr 1997 08:39:42 -0500 My apologies if this is a repeat message, I did not recieve the one I sent to the group last night. I'm making a trek to Ellsworth, Maine this weekend. I doubt the library will be open, but I will try. What I really would like to know is does anyone have any information on the GASPAR and HASKELL families up there. HASKELL would have relocated to Ellsworth from Gloucester in the early 1700's and GASPAR appeared in Surrey, Maine in the early 1800's. The HASKELL and GASPAR lines married in 1900, I believe. I would appreciate any help you may offer. If possible I will do lookups for anyone who might be interested. Thanks in advance. Lynda McLaughlin buttons -at-

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