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From: Tony Tilmans <atilmans -at-> Subject: Hume genealogy Date: Thu, 3 Apr 1997 08:54:07 -0500 Randy:While searching in the GENDEX file, I came across your name & e-mail address as a contact for the Hume/Humes family. By way of introduction, I am a Home/Hume/Humes genealogist and serve as co-historian,with Marlene Hume Stewart, for the Clan Home/Hume Society headquartered in Orlando, FL. Our goal is to amass as many Home/Hume/Humes family members in our database( currently I have over 11,500 ) and serve as a resource for anyone interested in the family. Our philosophy is one of sharing. We are interested in family members and their descendants for all dates and locations. I am interested in learning more about your Hume(s) family and the possibility of sharing info. Tony.

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