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From: "Robert L. Ward" <rlward1 -at-> Subject: Which Benjamin WHITNEY d. 1736 in Watertown? Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 18:22:57 -0400 (EDT) Dear WRG, Different authors have made various statements alleging that various persons named Benjamin WHITNEY died in 1736 in Watertown. The purpose of this message is to explain which one really did. There is no death record in the Watertown vital records for a Benjamin WHITNEY in 1736. There are, however, probate records for such a person. In Middlesex County Probate Files, #24606, appears the will of Benjamin WHITNEY of Watertown dated 14 Jun 1736, and proved 19 Oct 1736. In it he mentions wife Elizabeth, son Benjamin WHITNEY, son Samuel WHITNEY, daughter Elizabeth WHITNEY (single woman), and son Joseph WHITNEY (made executor). Witnesses were John WHITNEY, John TAYNTER, and John COOLEIDG. Executor's bond was posted on 8 Nov 1736 by Joseph WHITNEY, with John WHITNEY and John TAYNTER, sureties, all of Watertown. The testator can easily be identified with the Benjamin WHITNEY who married on 1 Mar 1709/10, Watertown, Elizabeth FISKE, dau. of John and Abigail (PARKS) FISKE, b. 20 Jan 1686, Watertown. They had four children born in Watertown, according to the vital records: Joseph, b. 3 Dec 1710; Benjamin, b. 14 Sep 1712; Samuel, b. 22 Nov 1715; and Elizabeth, b. 9 Mar 1719. These are the same four children named in the will, and the oldest son was the one named executor. Which Benjamin WHITNEY was it who married Elizabeth FISKE? There are three candidates: A. Benjamin-3 WHITNEY, son of John-2 and Ruth (REYNOLDS) WHITNEY (John-1), b. 28 Nov 1660, Watertown, MA. B. Benjamin-4 WHITNEY, son of Joseph-3 and Martha (BEACH) WHITNEY (John-2, John-1), born 31 Jan 1684/5, Watertown, MA. C. Benjamin-4 WHITNEY, son of Benjamin-3 and Abigail (HAGAR) WHITNEY (John-2, John-1), b. ca. 1691, Watertown, MA. There are other individuals named Benjamin WHITNEY, but they did not live in Watertown at this period. In an earlier posting, I showed that it was (C) who died 13 Nov 1713, Watertown, MA, as "Benjamin WHITNEY, Jr.", so he is eliminated. (A) married, 30 Mar 1687, Watertown, Abigail HAGAR, and had six children: 1. Abigail-4, b. 3 May 1688, m. Richard SAWTELL 2. Benjamin-4, b. ca. 1691, d. 13 Nov 1713 (=C above), unmarried. 3. John-4, b. 15 Jun 1694, m. Beriah BEMIS 4. David-4, b. 16 Jun 1697, m. Rebecca FILLEBROWN 5. Ruth-4, b. 10 Jul 1698, m. John BOND 6. Daniel-4, b. 17 Jul 1700, m. Dorothy TAINTER As nearly as we can tell, all these except the second, Benjamin-4, were living in 1736. If (A) married secondly Elizabeth FISKE in 1709/10, and died in 1736, why weren't these children mentioned in the will? There is no good reason to explain this. As a result, I conclude that it was (B) who married Elizabeth FISKE in 1709/10 and left the 1736 will. Supporting this conclusion is the fact that (B) had a brother John-4 WHITNEY, b. 29 Jul 1680, who is the most likely candidate for the witness to the 1736 will and the surety on the executor's bond for Joseph-5 WHITNEY. By the way, no death record or probate records have been found for (A), which would have been helpful in sorting out this situation. Regards, Robert Robert L. Ward rlward1 -at- <a href=""></a> 12236 Shadetree Lane, Laurel, MD 20708-2832 301-776-1659

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