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From: "Lynda J. McLaughlin" <buttons -at-> Subject: Re: Maine Lookups Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 16:00:18 -0400 Hello William, I have been searching for descendants and ancestors of Francis Manoel GASPAR and his wife Susan MEADER, around Surrey, Maine. The time frame is around 1750. They also tie into HASKELL. I would appreciate any help you are able to offer. Thanks muchly. Lynda McLaughlin buttons -at- At 12:50 PM 4/22/97 EDT, you wrote: > In reply to request of Stephen G. Schweyen on Maine towns. I have >the following books and will be glad to do lookups: Dole's History of >Windham, Lapham's History of Norway, and Hill's History of Gray; also >Boltwood's book on Thomas Noble family. > > I need help proving the ancestry of Asneath KNIGHT (b. 1809), dau. >of Daniel, jr. and Sally TUBBS Knight and wife of Daniel NOBLE, all of >Norway, Me. Reconstructed vitals say Sally (b. 1788) is the dau. of >Jacob Tubbs and Hannah CROOKER of Pembroke, MA, but some histories say >Sally is dau. of Jemima CHURCHILL. I cannot find proof of a second >marriage, death of Hannah ( Mrs. Jacob Tubbs d. 1822 in Norway, no first >name), nor birth of Jemima. These events would probably have occurred >in Hebron. There are several submissions: IGI, World Family Tree, Family >Tree Maker, etc. but I am looking for a primary source, or at least an >answer as to how Jemima Churchill's name was submitted. Thanks in >advance for any help I can get. Margaret Noble NelsEn > >

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