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From: Barry GeneDoctor Whitney <barryw -at-> Subject: Jacob, Sarah, Annie, John Franklin Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 22:06:18 -0400 (EDT) Cousins all, Margaret H. Burnette would like help in finding her Whitney ancestors. Her address is 2213 Seaside Road, York, South Carolina 29745. Her mother told her she was "related in some way to Eli Whitney" (Imagine THAT!) From an 1885 MN census of the Town of Morrisville, Crow Wing Co. (written beside this is Ft. Ripley P.D. but I do not know what that refers to), MN, she has four listings: Jacob N. Whitney, age 40, b NY abt 1845 Sarah Whitney, age 22, b CT abt 1863 Annie Whitney, age 0, b MN abt 1885 John Franklin Whitney, age 70, b VT abt 1815 he may have had a brother Dr. Jacob Whitney of Washington, DC JFW (if I read her inquiry correctly) is the father of her great grandmother: Mary Jane Whitney + Samuel Morgan Beckman --------------- Can any of you help her to link up? If you snailmail her directly, please E-mail me to let me know what you found. If you prefer to E-mail the information to me, I'll snailmail it to her. Why can't EVERYBODY be online?! 8^) Thanks, Barry J. Barry Whitney III North Augusta, SC barryw -at-

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